Gun for Xbox 360
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Nov 16, 2005
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Experience the brutality, lawlessness, greed, and lust, that was the West. When life robs Colton White of all that matters, the only thing left he can trust is his GUN. From award-winning developer, Neversoft, and accomplished screenwriter, Randall Jahnson (The Mask of Zorro, The Doors), GUN follows Colton on his quest for discovery as he seeks to exact vengeful justice on those who have wronged him. GUN is a realistic epic action/adventure that lets gamers experience the brutality of the lawless West.

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Greg KasavinNov 16, 2005
The shooting and riding action can make for a good time, to be sure. But the hastily delivered storyline (which, fittingly, concludes with an incredibly abrupt ending) and the lack of any real depth to the gameworld make Gun much better suited for some quick, fleeting thrills instead of for the long haul. So you could give it a rental if you run out of other 360 games to play.
Douglass C. PerryNov 15, 2005
You'll love this game for about a day and a half, but the fun doesn't last much more than that. It's a great game if you are blinded by anything that says "Western," or if you are religious about your Neversoft games. Otherwise, it's a great rental that's worth your while, even if that while is a little short.
StewXXNov 20, 2005
Gun is a darn good Western and really the only action title of its kind available for the Xbox 360, but since its already available on current gen consoles I wouldn't purchase a new system to play it. If you're one of the few cowpokes who enjoy Western games like Gun or Read Dead Revolver I would definitely recommend dishing out some of Neversoft's 6 gun justice on any console you own.

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