Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Mar 20, 2013
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With intuitive controls and smooth gameplay, you’ll be able to leap right in and start helping Giana progress through her opposing dreamworlds. Cute Giana moves with speed and grace, twirling past hazards and adversaries with a light touch and gentle heart. But, Giana isn’t limited to soft solutions. With a quick morph her punk side comes out to play, full of raw attitude and a powerful dash to crush obstacles that block her way! As the world changes, so too do her interactions with it, revealing different paths and dangers and a wide range of fantastic tools that Giana can utilize. The dream also conceals gems, and the truly adventurous can find secret areas and greater rewards deep within.

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Jeff MarchiafavaApr 03, 2013
Even when Twisted Dreams is firing on all cylinders, levels inevitably devolve into a tedious hunt for gems. Some platformer fans may enjoy Twisted Dream's unabashed adherence to '80s game design, but even as a fan of old-school platformers, my enjoyment was hampered by some significant shortcomings.
Kevin SchallerApr 01, 2013
After playing through some of the early levels, I started to enjoy myself, but when it really got down to the challenging bits, I was left wanting to hurl my 360 out the window. I think Giana Sisters as a whole is nice, with some really colorful and interesting visuals, but it just left me mad more than anything else. It makes me want to see whatever happened to that Mario guy. Now he had a game to build off of.
Esmeralda PortilloApr 03, 2013
Black Forest Games revitalized its series by staying true to the game’s origins while still moving past its blatant clone gimmicks. Even after filing for insolvency when they were Spellbound Entertainment and having to buy back their own assets from the government, they were able to make a positive out of a bad situation. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is an aesthetically pleasing journey that’s as gorgeous as it is taxing, blending new ideas and old concepts in the same way punk and cute Giana co-exist.

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