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Daniel BischoffMar 17, 2013
As a package, there's plenty of good to recommend to fans, but it'll never live up to Gears of War 3's bombastic and dramatic finish. "What's left, Anya?" Apparently there's still war left to fight, but it's up to you if it's worth it. As a reluctant fan of the series, I'm sad to see it go out like this, but Judgment seemed dead set on opening old wounds just to feel the sting.
Dan RyckertMar 19, 2013
Gears of War: Judgment remains a polished, replayable experience. Even if you never touch any future DLC, the game disc has enough content to keep you busy for the better part of 2013. Judgment is likely the final Gears game in this console generation, and the timing couldn’t be more fitting. As a franchise whose debut helped establish the Xbox 360’s identity, it bids farewell to this generation with an installment that benefits from the iteration and improvement that its predecessors provided.
Matt WalkerMar 18, 2013
There are a ton of things that could have gone wrong with a prequel to a series like Gears of War. Judgment embraced these issues and delivered. I praised Gears of War 3 for all it accomplished and Judgment continues that level of excellence. There’s also a little surprise for you when you complete Judgment that fans of the series will truly love. While I may not be able to predict the direction of the series from this point, I can definitely say I hope this is not the last we see of these characters.
Luke BrownMar 29, 2013
The strong multiplayer component makes up for the oddly paced and disappointing campaign, and the Declassified options do stand out as a strength. There are a lot of good ideas presented in Judgment, even if they aren’t all fully realized. Whatever Epic does next with the franchise, they would do well to build on what People Can Fly did with this entry.
Smosh GamesMar 21, 2013
Daniel CairnsMar 18, 2013
Gears of War: judgment is a solid effort that, in some ways, changes the Gears formula for the better.
William SchwartzMar 19, 2013
Gears of War: Judgment is a solid effort from People Can Fly that makes interesting changes to the Gears of War formula that we’ve come to love over the years. These changes aren’t groundbreaking, but natural progressions that one would expect from the fourth installment of the franchise. The core of Gears of War is still very much intact with its shocking brutality and solid shooting and cover mechanics; this permeates across a number of interesting new modes to play the game in, as well as fan-favorites.
Justin SpeerMar 18, 2013
Gears of War: Judgment tells the story of a squad that refuses to do things by the book, but while it risks a certain amount of backlash from fans that balk at its minor changes, this soldier is content to operate within established parameters and focus on doing his job, one twenty-minute-or-so mission at a time. It’s solid, it’s capable, it fits with the identity of the series. In short, it’s Gears.
MachinimaMar 18, 2013
Jim SterlingMar 17, 2013
Gears of War 3 was still a great little game, but represented the kind of step down indicative of a series that's running out of steam. Gears of War: Judgment puts paid to that impression, proving there's plenty of vitality in Epic's flagship yet; provided it's willing to try some new spins on its established formula. OverRun alone is worthy of praise, but there's just so much stuff going on in this package, there's something for all followers of the series.
Ben RichardsonMar 22, 2013
Gears of War: Judgment is the period at the end of the Gears of War sentence, and in creating it, Epic Games, People Can Fly, and Tom Bissell have created a masterpiece in video game punctuation. Personally, I look forward to their next sentence, when dust-choked, declassified chaos is the default, not the option, and Bissell’s huge talent is deployed in favor of something truly innovative. Until then, though, Judgment will do fine.
Mike WehnerMar 17, 2013
Gears of War: Judgment is gorgeous in its destruction and the gunplay is simply unmatched, as has been the case with every Gears title since its inception. The fact that the game doesn't offer anything significantly new is definitely a point against it, but it remains undeniably fun to play.
Jeff GerstmannMar 17, 2013
Despite my feelings that Baird is the most extraneous character in the Gears universe and a general feeling after Gears 3 that I was probably done with this franchise, Judgment is still a good time. It doesn't let its story get in the way of its action, and the declassified modifiers had me playing Gears in ways that I normally wouldn't, making for a more interesting challenge than the typical difficulty settings offer. But the lack of maps just sucks every last bit of life out of the multiplayer, regardless of its new modes.
Hollander CooperMar 18, 2013
Judgment evolves the franchise, giving it a strong, new identity without diminishing the events of the original trilogy. Declassified Missions are a brilliant concept that are executed in a great way, and the new multiplayer modes are worthy successors to Horde. Gears of War: Judgment tells a story that didn't really need to be told about a time that didn't need explanation, but it does it so well you'll be happy to take a trip back in time for a quick trial.
Arthur GiesMar 18, 2013
As a side-experiment with class-based multiplayer and more aggressively arcade-influenced shooting, Gears of War: Judgment doesn't feel essential in the same way its predecessors did. If three games in five years left you with your fill of Gears of War, Judgment may not be enough to change your mind. But as a well-executed supplement to its parent series, Gears of War: Judgment is easy to recommend. People Can Fly have added enough cool new bits to make the game feel fresh, even if they're not re-inventing the series.
Mithch DyerMar 17, 2013
People Can Fly is exactly what Gears of War needed. The Bulletstorm developer brings a bold new energy to Epic Games’ excellent (but overly familiar) action series. It presents such refreshing and disruptive ideas to Gears of War: Judgment's campaign that it has an effect comparable to the original’s in 2006. During the introduction, the sights are almost impossibly beautiful. Halfway through, I realized this is the best third-person shooter around. By the end, it's clear that it’s paving a path other developers could (and hopefully will) follow.
Chris WattersMar 21, 2013
These two modes replace the Horde and Beast modes of Gears games past, but they scratch the same itches and add a few new twists. These changes, along with the structural differences in the campaign, make Judgment feel like its own game, worthwhile and exciting in its own right. Yet it still stands in the shadow of those that came before it, and little flaws like loading hiccups and soft textures underscore the fact that Judgment feels like a lesser achievement. Still, it's a heck of a lot of fun, and if you still enjoy utterly destroying hulking monstrosities with one blast of the sawed-off shotgun, you'll find a lot to like in Gears of War: Judgment.
David HinkleMar 18, 2013
Whether it's multiplayer or single-player, Gears of War: Judgment proves that, for all of the series' trademark spectacle and flair, it all boils down to executing simple combat concepts well. A diligent approach to ensuring that no two encounters are the same keeps it from ever feeling stagnant or like a waste of your time. You're always moving, constantly pushing through the next enemy stronghold, never sure of what you'll face, and it's always harrowing.
Landon RobinsonMar 17, 2013
The difficult-but-fair single-player was very satisfying and well-paced, with extremely well implemented co-op, something rare in games these days. Overrun is a welcome addition to the Gears multiplayer suite, even if there’s little variety among the modes. If you’re a Gears of War fan anticipating more stop-and-pop, cover-to-cover action, cease reserving your judgment and pick up a copy of Judgment.
Kirby YablonskiMar 17, 2013
At the end of the day, the best way to describe Gears of War: Judgment is that it is a good game, but not a great game. It does some good things for the series, but yet misfires a few steps along the way. Sure, the visuals and sound are solid, and there is an interesting story, but this same story manages to miss a beat now and then, like the lack of a details for Baird and Cole at this juncture in the Gears timeline, and not enough of a story at all for the new characters Sofia and Paduk.
Adam SesslerMar 17, 2013
Dan WhiteheadMar 18, 2013
Even with the pall of over-familiarity lingering over it, Gears of War: Judgment is a timely reminder that ruthless focus on gameplay, generosity towards players and good old-fashioned design craft can still pay dividends at a time when big-budget action games are at risk of fragmenting into splinters of mindless busywork. Sometimes, being a bloody good shooter is all that's required.
Josh Di FalcoMar 19, 2018
Now, Gears of War: Judgment is simply only worth checking out for the two featured campaigns, which tells a generic story that is used as an excuse to further launch Locust genocide. While the story lacks a real sense of emotion that the previous entry brought a lot of, it leaves the story as an endless runner through one arena-shooter to the next. The same weapons return, while some new ones don't make much of a dent in forming new strategies, but the "Declassified" objectives and the three-star system bring a new sense of urgency to completing each stage by heightening the stakes and tension.
Gillen McAllisterMar 18, 2013
And Gears of War is still one of the best exclusives for the console. As such you're comparing Judgment against its predecessors rather than standalone, and as such it comes up short. It feels less of a fanfare, nor quite the amalgamation of everything that's went before. The multiplayer options, while individually great, are sparse as a collection. Yet the tweaks to the mechanics make sense and work well, and coupling higher difficulties with Declassified missions will give fans a workout on campaign.
Jordan MarsdenMar 18, 2013
There's no doubt that Gears of War: Judgment is a great game and one that will probably be used as the standard to which other third-person cover-based games will be measured. It's as solid as ever and the top-notch pacing makes it an exhilarating campaign to play through.
Sean O'SullivanMar 18, 2013
This is a much shorter game than Gears of War 3, but it’s more densely packed with fresh ideas and an approach that re-examines the game design right down to the controls and weapon loadout.
nachosjusticeMar 21, 2013
Gears of War: Judgment is far from perfect and falls disappointingly short on the single-player front. But almost everything else about the game is well worth a look and goes a long way to showing that the Gears of War franchise still has the kind of allure that’s worthy of its reputation.
Ben AllanMar 20, 2013
While there have been refinements, the core Gears machinery whirs on through another solid singleplayer campaign. More has been altered in the game's multiplayer component, but it's finally a case of diminishing returns for the cornerstone franchise.
Salva FernándezMar 18, 2013
Técnicamente, Judgment usa el Unreal Engine 3 de manera brillante en casi todos los aspectos, y solo algún que otro error de IA empañan un resultado final convincente en movimiento. Gears of War: Judgment no convencerá a aquellos que no se hayan enganchado a día de hoy a la saga o se mostraran hastiados al final de la tercera entrega, pero es una propuesta de lo más convincente para los amantes de la franquicia. Siempre y cuando no esperen grandes novedades pero sí tiroteos intensos, variados y divertidos.
Álvaro CastellanoMar 22, 2013
Judgment no es, en absoluto, un mal videojuego, pero sí es uno que queda algo alejado de los estándares de calidad a los que estábamos acostumbrados. People Can Fly debuta en la saga con pulso firme y buenas intenciones, pero acaba ofreciendo un producto que queda algo lastrado por patrones repetitivos y que a veces no acaban de sacar provecho de las mecánicas Gears of War. Un producto, sin embargo, rotundo, visceral y bastante recomendable para los fans de la serie.
Josep Maria SempereMar 21, 2013
En cualquiera de los dos casos es, además, lo que habitualmente calificamos como un videojuego tremendamente sólido: los valores de producción son estupendos, sus mecánicas están bien depuradas y al conjunto pocas pegas se le pueden poner salvo que nos habría gustado que tuviese algo más de contenido, porque la campaña se hace corta y el multijugador tiene (por ahora) un número algo escaso de mapas. Judgment no es una revolución, desde luego, pero sí un buen colofón - de momento - para la que ha sido una de las franquicias estrella de la generación de consolas que estamos a punto de dejar atrás.
Michael KrostaMar 21, 2013
Erheben Sie sich für die Verkündung des Urteils: Obwohl einige Anklagepunkte bei genauer Betrachtung entkräftet werden konnten, ist es dem 4P-Gericht nicht möglich, den Angeklagten Gears of War: Judgment vorbehaltlos freizusprechen und ihm eine Verdienstmedaille zu verleihen. Trotz frischer Ansätze - allen voran die optionalen Deklassifizierungs-Modifikatoren - und der bewährten Mechanik schafft es People Can Fly nicht, die beiden Kampagnen durch spielerische Höhepunkte, Abwechslung oder eine packende Geschichte aufzuwerten.
Martin WogerMar 21, 2013
Ich bekam nicht, was ich zuerst wollte: eine tolle Kampagne. Die gibt es hier nicht. Ich fand aber etwas, das sogar - fast - besser war: Einen Multiplayer-Modus, der endlich mal wieder Enthusiasmus aufkommen lässt und einige harte und spannende Trials, an die ich im Zusammenhang mit Gears of War nie gedacht hätte. Es hat seine Vorteile, gelegentlich mal frische Leute an eine vertraute Serie zu lassen. Hier hat es sich ausgezahlt. Auf seine ganz eigene Weise.
Maxime ChaoMar 19, 2013
L'heure du jugement a donc véritablement sonné et il est grand temps pour la saga de se remettre en question, la concurrence était aujourd'hui plus inventive... Seule lot de consolation, la possibilité de récupérer gratuitement le premier Gears of War avec l'achat de cet épisode Judgment.
HiroMar 22, 2013
Succession d'arènes pensées pour le coopératif, enchaînement interminable de vagues de Locustes mécaniquement jetées au visage du joueur « parce que c'est ça qu'il veut », Judgment décevra sans aucun doute ceux qui aimaient en Gears sa nature épique, ses combats rageurs sertis dans une progression brutale et fondamentalement désespérée. Judgment n'est pas un mauvais jeu, loin de là, mais il dose mal tous les ingrédients et ne semble jamais vraiment saisir ce qui faisait jusque-là le charme de la licence.
Bruno GalvãoMar 23, 2013
Passaram sete anos e o peso já não é o mesmo mas o que não alcança em inovação, a aventura do Kilo compensa com muita diversão. Não é nenhuma revolução, longe disso, mas é provavelmente o jogo mais divertido da série porque se liberta de melodramas desnecessários do enredo para dar lugar à despreocupada diversão. Não é um 'mais, melhor e com mais estilo' mas é um produto facilmente recomendado para quem gosta de passar um bom tempo em frente à TV com o comando na mão.
Ruben TrasattiMar 18, 2013
Acquisto consigliato a tutti quelli che vogliono ancora vivere nuove avventure in compagnia di COG e Locuste, ma anche a quelli che si vogliono avvicinare a questo mondo per la prima volta.
Marco MotturaMar 18, 2013
Per cominciare, dimenticatevi quella palpabile sensazione di more of the same che sembra aleggiare sul progetto a una prima occhiata magari un po' distratta: pur senza chissà quali rivoluzioni copernicane (anche se, come avremo modo di vedere più avanti, il multiplayer riserverà più di qualche sconvolgente sorpresa ai fan più affezionati...), Gears of War: Judgment è un episodio con un carattere e una presenza ludica tutta sua, e bastano pochi istanti pad alla mano per rendersi conto delle differenze col passato.
Filippo FacchettiMar 18, 2013
Dal punto di vista tecnico il lavoro svolto dai ragazzi di People Can Fly si assesta su livelli decisamente elevati, con ambientazioni epiche e ricche di dettagli, effetti grafici azzeccati (soprattutto durante le Declassified Mission), il tutto senza sacrificare quasi mai la fluidità dell'azione. Anche durante le battaglie più intense, infatti, il motore di Gears of War: Judgment reagisce con prontezza, salvo mostrare qualche incertezza in concomitanza dei caricamenti.
Theo WeberMar 18, 2013
Gears of War: Judgment is misschien op bepaalde gebieden niet zo episch als het vorige deel, maar het feit dat de oorlog net begonnen is speelt hier parten. People Can Fly heeft het verhaal dan ook misschien niet naar nieuwe hoogten getild, maar heeft ook zeker niet ingeleverd op kwaliteit. Zo zie je dat er aandacht geschonken is om een levende omgeving te maken met veel kleur en detail. Ook de nieuwe wapens hebben de nodige aandacht gehad en verstoren de balans niet.
Jonas AronssonMar 18, 2013
Tillsammans med en eller flera vänner är det här ett riktigt kul actionspel, även om mycket påminner om trean. Är du själv får du vara förberedd på att hålla inne dina aggressioner ett antal gånger. Eller så kan du hålla dig till trean och förbereda dig på den oundvikliga fyran eller en helt ny trilogi till nästa generations Xbox.