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Rob SmithSep 17, 2011
Adding features to an established franchise can cause awkward bloating, but with Gears 3 it really feels like a refined evolution. There are key additions in the multiplayer, but no specific revolutions to the core gameplay that has proved so popular. And that’s why it works, and why Gears 3 is certainly the most accessible game in the series, and shouldn’t be overlooked even if you passed on parts one and two.
Martin GastonSep 15, 2011
Few games offer up as much as Gears of War 3, and even fewer manage to do it this successfully. This is quite easily the best Gears of War yet, weaving excellent core mechanics together with the renewed perception of an ever-maturing developer. Once again, Epic has successfully iterated on a series that most other developers are still desperately trying to imitate.
Rob SmithSep 21, 2011
Edge StaffSep 15, 2011
That conventional wisdom about dinosaur brain size? Mostly fallacious. Because the T-Rex had to hunt its prey on the run, it evolved excellent eyesight and a large brain. The conclusion of the Gears trilogy exhibits a similarly accomplished blend of might, scale and evolutionary rightness.
Jeff GerstmannSep 15, 2011
Gears of War 3 manages to leave a question or two unanswered, but those holes aren't big enough to drive a sequel through. When the next Gears of War comes along--and lets not be naive about these things, we'll almost certainly see another Gears of War game someday--it'll probably have to be a fairly dramatic shift, from a story perspective.
Jim SterlingSep 15, 2011
Gears of War 3 is a great game indeed, one that fans will most assuredly adore. It does lack that unique, intangible spark that the past two games had, but that does not mean it's a poor game in any way. I have my disappointments, but I cannot claim I had a bad time. That Gears of War 3 doesn't quite live up to expectations is only a testament to how high Epic raised the bar in past efforts, and that it's still a superior encounter despite any setbacks speaks highly of its enduring quality.
Casey LynchSep 15, 2011
Gears of War 3 represents state-of-the-art design and gameplay where you become the king badass among a gory world of bad-asses. Every third-person, cover-based shooter from here on out will likely be compared to Gears 3, and it provides a fitting and poignant-- if sometimes cheesy -- closing chapter to the trilogy.
Adam BiessenerSep 15, 2011
Gears of War 3 doesn’t do anything radical, not that anyone expected it to. Only the staunchest Gears haters will find much fault here, though. This is the best execution yet of an idea that spawned one of the biggest modern franchises in all of gaming. What’s not to love?
Charlie BarrattJun 24, 2012
Gears of War 3 boasts the best co-op and multiplayer of the series, by far, easily making up for the less-than-satisfying campaign. The end of the trilogy may not live up to your epic expectations, but somewhere in the tenth – or hundredth – hour of Beast and Horde 2.0 modes, you’ll forgive it.
Frank NareshSep 24, 2011
Once again Epic has weaved excellent core mechanics with an impressive and immersive game. The ever-maturing developer shines through in perhaps its greatest hour with Gears of War 3. The raw blood and guts shooter has become a story of fighting and survival, giving us the most complete game to date; it’s too bad it’s also the last in the trilogy; however, I really don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Gears universe yet.
Arthur GiesSep 15, 2011
Gears of War 3 has left me with a parallel set of emotions. On one side, it represents a powerful elegy, a close to a series that has done much to define this console generation. It's a melancholy thing, seeing a solid conclusion for characters that a lot of us liked despite ourselves, that make themselves even more understood in the end.
Chris WattersSep 15, 2011
From the taut Versus competition to the two great cooperative modes, Gears of War 3 delivers immensely entertaining experiences on both sides of The Locust War. But the real triumph is the campaign, a masterpiece of exciting gameplay and emotional storytelling that stands head and shoulders above its predecessors. Even if you don't remember where you were on Emergence Day, this is one adventure you won't soon forget.
Matt WalkerSep 20, 2011
Gears of War 3 may not give you that sense of closure you might need in order believe this is the last Gears story, but it will definitely give you a complete adrenaline rush of sheer bloody fun. Finally, the gaming season has arrived. Everything pops into place nicely. It is truly complimentary that the voice acting and score are on the same level.
Steve ButtsSep 15, 2011
Whether critics like it or not, Gears of War 3 will be a success for Epic, and a well-deserved one. Despite some lingering flaws, the gameplay is fantastic in both single and multiplayer. A big part of the game's audience won't care about the lack of variety or depth among the characters, but the monotonous tone still holds the game back from being as great as it otherwise might have been.
Josh Di FalcoJan 14, 2018
Gears of War 3 is a wonderful example of a great third-person shooter coming together. With an advanced graphics engine for its time, coupled with the best iteration of a campaign mode thus far for the franchise, the third instalment showed what can happen when everything falls into place perfectly. It's just unfortunate that some may find the online modes lacking of actual competitors due to the age and various time zones; however keep looking, for there are some out there looking for a match-up.
Johnny MinkleySep 15, 2011
Gears of War 3, then. In its multiplayer, all you could have reasonably asked for; in its visuals, new heights reached, while cracks of old age are papered over; in its story, a fitting conclusion; and in its campaign, though short of the consistent brilliance of its predecessor, a mostly rousing and memorable spectacle.
AdamSep 27, 2011
Is Gears of War 3 a worthy conclusion to a trilogy? A well-deserved yes. To be honest, it may even be the best in the series. As a huge Gears fan, it's a shame that it's all come to an end, at least for the foreseeable future, but I don't care; the trilogy has gone out on not just a bang, but the biggest Hammer of Dawn sized explosion possible.
Nick PantazisSep 15, 2011
I’m not ashamed to say that I have not been the biggest fan of the Gears franchise in the past. I didn’t hate it, but it didn’t draw me in as much as some other shooter franchises did. I found the pacing too slow for my taste, and the game was too dependent on heavy cover usage. Gears of War 3 has absolutely won me over. Not only did I enjoy the lengthy and varied singleplayer campaign, but the multiplayer has sucked me in and I’m here to stay. It’s not a perfect game, but it is an incredible accomplishment, and full of fun for almost any action game fan.
Filipe SalgadoSep 20, 2011
We've come to the end: Gears of War 3, the ending of an era (That is, until a spinoff sequel/prequel is announced). It's hard to think of the gaming landscape without it, so great is its impact.
Matt MaguireSep 28, 2011
A curiously sleeveless yet monumentally awesome capstone of an incredible trilogy, this game demands to be played and replayed, at least until the new trilogy kicks off on whatever hardware Xbox replace the 360 with. The best shooter available on console right now, Gears 3 is an experience not to be missed.
buttersSep 18, 2011
Gears 3 is filled with plenty of wow moments not just visually but also in how the story is driven to its climatic conclusion. It's more deftly handled than previous Gears where there was often some confusion with key elements and this time around events unfold smoothly. It's a relief then that the gameplay effectively drives you through the story rather than just sticking with it to get the ending.
Josep Maria SempereSep 15, 2011
Con Gears of War 3 Epic Games ha ido a lo seguro: han tomado una fórmula que saben que funciona, han añadido unos cuantos retoques que la mejoran levemente y han creado un producto que colmará casi todas las expectativas de los fans, especialmente en su vertiente multijugador. A nivel jugable no se se le pueden poner muchas pegas, y a técnicamente todavía menos porque, probablemente, estamos ante el juego que saca mejor partido de la consola de Microsoft
Álvaro CastellanoSep 16, 2011
Con la acción por bandera y con la calidad por absoluta norma. Así llega el épico final de la trilogía Gears of War, con un episodio a la altura de los más grandes títulos de acción de la generación. Montones de horas de entretenimiento, multijugador impecable, campaña dramática y poderosa... ¿Más de lo mismo? Seguro, pero a quién le importa cuando es tan bueno. Un nuevo videojuego imprescindible para una recta final del 2011 que promete ser inabarcable en cuanto a grandes lanzamientos.
Javi AndrésSep 21, 2011
A Marcus Fénix le ha llegado la hora, debe cumplir su cometido junto a los pocos CGO supervivientes que le escoltan y pasar a la posteridad de su historia y la nuestra, la de los videojuegos. No cabe duda de que lo hará. Epic Games ha concluido como debía su licencia más ambiciosa hasta la fecha, la marca vendeconsolas que Microsoft tanto a cuidado y que nació y se lleva consigo los mejores resultados gráficos que el Unreal Engine 3 haya sido capaz de mostrar.
Jean-Baptiste RecoletSep 20, 2011
Avec Gears of War 3, Epic démontre une nouvelle fois, et de manière flamboyante, la parfaite maitrise de sa licence fétiche. Toujours aussi efficace et calibrée pour tuer, cette nouvelle aventure de Marcus Fenix clôt avec panache une trilogie qui aura marqué son époque et saura combler les fans de la première heure qui attendaient, avec cet épisode, un dénouement digne de ce nom. Bien sûr, les ficelles commencent à être connues et les changements apportés tiennent plus du peaufinage que de la réelle nouveauté, mais l'ensemble a atteint un tel degré d'excellence que l'on pardonnera sans effort cette timidité certaine à transcender une recette trop bien rodée pour être chamboulée.
Aymeric LalléeSep 15, 2011
Les amateurs de TPS auront du mal à passer à côté de ce troisième volet de la série Gears of War. Toujours plus maîtrisée, la campagne est un aboutissement satisfaisant pour les fans. Du côté du multijoueur, il est évident qu'Epic offre ici sa meilleure version de la saga tant en termes de profondeur et de richesse que de plaisir. Le tout en étant plus accessible et en conservant de quoi occuper les hardcore pendant de longues heures de jeu en solo ou entre amis. Que demander de plus ?
Maxime ChaoSep 18, 2011
Comme nous l'avons indiqué dans le test de Gears of War 3, c'est à nouveau un pari réussi pour Cliff Bleszinski, Rod Fergusson et l’ensemble des équipes d’Epic Games qui clôturent la trilogie Gears of War de la plus belle des manières. Ces derniers font étal à nouveau de leur talent et de leur maîtrise en imposant ce Gears of War 3 comme LE jeu à ne pas manquer en cette rentrée 2011 sur Xbox 360.
Davide PersianiSep 16, 2011
Non capita spesso di poter affermare che un singolo gioco possa valere l'intero costo della console su cui è stato progettato, perciò lasciate che vi dica una cosa: se ancora non avete messo le mani su una Xbox 360, l'ultima fatica di Epic rappresenta senza ombra di dubbio un'ottima scusa per rimediare.
Antonio JodiceSep 17, 2011
Non ci è difficile immaginare come, fra qualche anno, l'aver giocato alla trilogia di Gears of War possa essere considerato uno dei passaggi importanti nella carriera di qualsiasi videogiocatore perché un universo così coerente, espressivo e "divertente" era difficile da mettere in piedi e ancor più da far camminare fino al suo epilogo. Se poi i server dedicati dovessero reggere alla botta di utenti che li assaliranno all'uscita, con ogni probabilità, Gears of War 3 sarà uno dei quei titoli che vi accompagneranno da qui fino all'uscita delle prossime console casalinghe.
Rox van der HelmSep 22, 2011
Dat neemt niet weg dat Gears of War 3 een hele goede reden is om een Xbox 360 te kopen als je die nog niet hebt. Met een uitgebreide campaign, die ook nog eens speelbaar is met vier man, en een uitgebreide multiplayer is het een simpele optelsom. Het is zoiets als dat één en één drie maakt. Daarbij moet wel heel duidelijk in het achterhoofd worden gehouden dat Gears of War 3 voornamelijk de basis uit voorgaande delen aanpast en die jou op een mooier presenteerblaadje voorschotelt.
Jonas ElfvingSep 15, 2011
Så. Efter att ha skjutit, sprängt, sågat och "spottat" mig genom kampanjen två gånger, och med flera timmar multiplayer i ryggen kan jag skingra allt eventuellt tvivel; Epic har levererat ett matigt actionpaket med de produktionsvärden vi förväntat. Nu återstår bara att vänta och se - kommer vi att spela Gears of War 3 lika frenetiskt 2014? Förutsättningarna är goda.


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