Game of Thrones for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Game of Thrones

May 15, 2012
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Developer: Cyanide Studio
Content Rating: Mature


Play as two former soldiers of Robert’s Rebellion who, despite divergent paths, must reunite to face a new and deadly threat to the Seven Kingdoms. Travel a parallel course with the original series, interacting with familiar faces along the way, including Cersei Lannister, Lord Commander Mormont, and Varys the Spider.

Critic Reviews

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Justin FassinoMay 16, 2012
Game of Thrones is satisfactory at best, and dreadfully slow and ugly at worst. But there is fun to be had here. Despite all the shortcomings, I had fun, and with video games that’s the most important element for my enjoyment. It’s not for everyone. It isn’t really an RPG, even if the stat-building is solid. It’s kind of a light adventure game, sort of. I really can’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t a Game of Thrones fan already, as the references, characters, plot, and story are all pretty flimsy unless you’re familiar with the property.
Tom Mc SheaMay 16, 2012
The story is the only element that's worthy of this great heritage. The other aspects are competently done, but all have enough flaws to serve as a distraction at times. Thankfully, the focus is clearly placed on the story, and those other parts are pleasant enough to get through that the flaws won't derail your fun. Game of Thrones weaves together an enticing string of events that makes it difficult to pull away from.
Game TrailersMay 17, 2012
For those wanting to explore the wilds of Westeros, climb to the top of The Wall or engage in a thrilling battle with a direwolf, this Game of Thrones falls completely flat. However, if you don't mind suffering through the combat, the visuals, and the lackluster environments, there's actually a decent interactive story to experience. Of course, that's a very big "if."

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