Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

Nov 20, 2012
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Content Rating: Mature


Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed baby Stewie stars alongside his faithful booze hound Brian in the Family Guy event of the year: Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse! Save Quahog from utter annihilation! Stewie and Brian team up in an original Multiverse-spanning adventure to stop the evil Bertram from destroying everything! • Bizarre Universes: Battle through all new demented universes that only the show’s writers could create. • Extra-Dimensional Action: Face off against whacked out foes in INFILTRATION! and Multiverse Madness Modes.

Critic Reviews

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Dave TachJan 02, 2013
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse is a functional, ordinary third-person shooter hobbled by simplistic AI and vulgar gags. In an early mission, Brian deadpans, "I'm no longer enjoying this" as a bad guy charges him. Given the circumstances, he probably should have kept his mouth shut. But that's something that neither he nor this game were ever interested in doing.
John LearnedNov 23, 2012
But let’s just call that a metaphor for the game as a whole--reminiscing on Family Guy’s past triumphs. None of the key features really hold up compared to other shooters, save for the appearance of Seth McFarlane and his crew of writers and actors. Even then, this would have made for a weakly written episode of the show.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioNov 28, 2012
If you absolutely must experience everything with the Family Guy logo on it, rent the game with a couple buddies and play through the incredibly short single-player campaign in a few hours over some beers. Otherwise, I’d suggest purchasing a Family Guy DVD box set over this game for your Family Guy-obsessed friend or loved one this holiday season.

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