F1 Race Stars for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

F1 Race Stars

Nov 13, 2012
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Get ready to experience FORMULA ONE™ cars, teams and circuits like never before with F1 RACE STARS™, a fast-to-the-fun game for all ages. Officially licensed to feature the full cast of FORMULA ONE stars and packing an extensive range of game modes, including numerous Championships, Time Trials, 4-player split-screen racing and online multiplayer, F1 RACE STARS takes FORMULA ONE over the top!

Critic Reviews

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Justin TowellNov 14, 2012
If you’re looking for a family-friendly kart racer, this is it. It’s super-slick, charmingly funny and exciting to play. Its appeal is universal in the best sense of the word, never being too dumbed down for the hardcore or too complex for the casual. That (if you’ll excuse the pun) is a winning formula.
Daniel KrupaNov 13, 2012
For a caricature to succeed it must capture the likeness of the original but exaggerate it in a way that raises a smile. But F1 Race Stars rarely achieves this. It’s a failed caricature, its cute and charming appearance totally undermined by its frustrating and frequently bland gameplay. Sometimes nice games finish in last place.
Blake PetersonNov 26, 2012
It presents a world of respectful competition; the competitors wink and point at each other during the countdown to the start, and on the podium they encourage each other to show off their victory dance moves. The cute, chiseled bobblehead doll depictions of the F1 real-world counterparts are sure to delight fans of F1 racing who are into carting games. However, it doesn't bring much new to the table in terms of gameplay (and fans of Mario Kart may find the lack of drifting a step backwards).

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