F1 2010 for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

F1 2010

Sep 22, 2010

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F1 2010 immerses you, not just in the driver's seat, but into the driver's complete experience, in the full-throttle FIA Formula One World Championship. The progressive racing game delivers the authentic thrills of the actual 2010 Championship, with exclusive licensing from the Formula One to bring you all of the stars and all of the cars to grace this year's Grand Prix. Take on the celebrity, the persistence and the challenges of real Formula One racers as you rip through all 19 tracks of the 2010 in vivid high definition, work under pressure in the pit lane and even interact with fans and rivals off the circuit.

Critic Reviews

13 Reviews
Justin TowellJun 24, 2012
There are a few missed opportunities. The lack of a champagne-spraying sequence when you win is a surprising omission, especially as I expected it not only to be there, but to be interactive, given the rest of the immersive features the game has. Maybe the reason for this is that you never see any of the other drivers in the paddock. Despite the full license for driver names, you only ever see photos of them, which makes this quite a one-man show.
Alex SassoonSep 24, 2010
Whether you're skidding around the Bus Stop at Spa in the rain or tearing out of the Parabolica preparing to hit the pit straight in Monza, F1 2010 does a good job of re-creating the excitement and action of driving a Formula One car. Clearly there is still room for improvement, but despite its occasional quirks, F1 2010 is a game that any fan of Formula One or simulation racing would do well to take for a spin.
Game TrailersSep 30, 2010
Even if you don't passionately follow Formula 1, F1 2010 is fantastic for those interested in investing the time in each race. Sadly, it's not as polished as previous Codemasters games, and it requires you to be willing to work around some serious bugs. In spite of all this, though, it still provides an intricate racing experience overall that's well worth participating in.

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