Duke Nukem Forever for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Duke Nukem Forever

Jun 14, 2011
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Developer: Gearbox Software
Content Rating: Mature


The King is Back! Cocked, loaded and ready for action, Duke Nukem Forever is pure unadulterated fun. Bastard Alien hordes are stealing Earth’s women. But nothing stands between Duke and his babes. Epic ass-kicking, massive weapons, giant explosions – yes. Inappropriate, insensitive and offensive – you bet. Get ready for the most bitchin’ and bodacious time you’re likely to ever have.

Critic Reviews

28 Reviews
Kevin VanOrdJun 14, 2011
Given its storied development history, you might be inclined to grab a copy of this train wreck. Avoid the temptation. While much of Duke Nukem Forever is embarrassingly bad--the kind of game you point and laugh at--its biggest problem is that it's so tedious. Twisting valves, jumping on pipes and alien tentacles, driving through drab canyons, rolling alien spheres along the ground: this is what Duke Nukem Forever is about.
Rob SmithJun 17, 2011
Duke, it’s great to see you back again, I never thought I’d see the day
Game TrailersJun 16, 2011
It's an embarrassing, abhorrent heir resting on its laurels with plenty of ugly humor, bubblegum pastiche, and very little in the way of ass-kicking prowess

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