Dragon Ball Z for Kinect for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect

Oct 9, 2012

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About this game

Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Content Rating: Teen


This game requires a Kinect™ Sensor. Get ready to enter the Dragon Ball Z universe in an entirely new way. Featuring iconic characters, famous attacks and epic battles, Dragon Ball Z® for Kinect™ lets you unleash your inner Super Saiyan – with no controller in the way! Get closer to authentic Dragon Ball Z battles, famous combos & super attacks with Kinect. Fans will also be treated to 30 minutes of never before seen footage from Bardock saga and an entirely new character. Dragon Ball Z for Kinect supports QR code functionality, allowing you to hold up special QR codes to unlock content in the game.

Critic Reviews

18 Reviews
Daniel BischoffOct 17, 2012
DBZ Kinect is a novelty wrapped in repetition. A small child in your household might have a lot of fun, if he or she can properly use the Kinect. While many of Namco's Dragon Ball games feature ever expanding rosters, knock-down, drag-out fights, and really pretty, animé-inspired graphics, DBZ Kinect is a totally passable affair, even for (lapsed or otherwise) diehard fans.
Andrew HaywardOct 11, 2012
it’s best suited for younger fans looking to live out their anime daydreams
Frank NareshNov 04, 2012
Once again though a wonky peripheral may just kill any joy of the game for many. While the subject material is not my choice when it comes to gaming there are parts of Dragon Ball Z that are quite cool. The game has a fantastic look and a ton of content for those who love Dragon Ball Z. In the end I think fans of the series may overlook the game’s deficiencies, but casual fans that have a Kinect may want to walk right on by this one.

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