Dragon Ball: Raging Blast for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

Nov 10, 2009
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Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Content Rating: Teen


Feel exhilarated as you fly at amazing speeds, ravaging the extremely large and detailed fields as you battle! Each of the more than 70 characters has unique signature skills and Super Attacks which enable you to enjoy strategic battles! Also, using the Ultimate Customization feature, you can equip items and favorite Super Attacks to raise your skills and create your very own ultimate fighter. With Xbox LIVE, you can battle with people from around the world and enjoy earning the rankings and titles!

Critic Reviews

8 Reviews
Amanda L. KondolojyNov 10, 2009
The foundation of the game - the battle system - isn't very fun, and that sinks the whole experience. I would have really loved to get the full Dragon Ball Z experience with this game, as it is the most inclusive entry in the series to date. However, between the clunky combat and the whacked out camera, I just can't recommend Raging Blast to anyone. It's too bad, as this game could have been great, but for now, it is just a missed opportunity.
jkdmediaNov 17, 2009
Raging Blast had all the makings of an amazing Dragon Ball game but comes up short in all the places that count. Sure, all the great characters are present and there are enough extras to keep fans wanting to jump into a tournament but the gameplay just falls flat to make the battles too awkward. There have been great Dragon Ball games before but, sadly, this one does not qualify.
Carolyn PetitNov 24, 2009
The huge assortment of characters, stories, costumes, and other aspects of Dragon Ball lore cannot hide how shallow and uninspired the fighting mechanics are. There is no depth to your actions, making it a slow-paced race to be the first person to build up your ki power, which quickly becomes monotonous. With the wide assortment of deep and varied fighting games already on the market, it’s impossible to ignore the many faults present in this often-dull anime-inspired brawler.

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