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Matt WalkerJun 27, 2007
Even though DiRT has a few faults, there is no denying that the game is the most fun you will have with a racer because, despite those faults, DiRT delivers on a level that is something to marvel from rally racers. If you are an asphalt loving racing fan, then this one you might want to stay away from, mainly due to the different mechanics put into rally games versus conventional racing games.
Game TrailersJun 21, 2007
If you’re looking for the perfect replication of sliding around a gravel corner with all four tires holding on for dear life, then buy it with no reservations. The learning curve is just right regardless of your experience level, there’s a ton of content despite the lack of true online play, and it’s a very pretty game, despite some occasional draw-in. DiRT is the ultimate ambassador for the sport.
Alex NavarroJun 19, 2007
That said, the multiplayer support is really the only thing about DiRT you can call truly disappointing. On every other front, DiRT delivers a racing experience that's a lot of fun to play and visuals that are such a joy to watch that you can even bring yourself to forgive the shoddy frame rate. All around, DiRT is a class act, and it belongs in any racing fan's library.
Mike JacksonJun 15, 2007
It's an arcade-style rally game with immense variety in cars and courses, it looks incredible (although still has some choppy frame rate dips) and has the most amazing crash physics. Combine the huge single-player career with the online racing and there's loads of racing pleasure to be had.
Tom OrryJun 11, 2008
Colin McRae: Dirt is a solid and often spectacular first next-gen effort from Codemasters. The core racing is thrilling yet accessible and the amount of content on offer will keep players enthralled for some time. Some inexplicable frame rate problems and a lacklustre online multiplayer mode prevent this from being a classic, but Dirt is still one of the premier racing titles of 2007.
Luke AlbigesJun 12, 2007
A wonderful package and a triumphant return to form for Codies, DiRT sets a mean precedent for future rally games to match and really manages to capture the excitement, the fear and the challenge of off-road racing. It's, like, totally sick, dude. Killer.
Craig SnowApr 10, 2009
DiRT is a very enjoyable game, for a brief period of time at least. With accessible gameplay, plenty of tracks from all over the world and a concerted effort to introduce more variety to the series, DiRT is a solid racer. The graphics are impressive for their time, with damage modelling that expands upon that which made the series popular, and the track environments and backgrounds are superb. But attempts to mix up the racing types have come off with mixed results and this is a game that, for me at least, lacks replayability due to gameplay and racing types that lack depth.
RivaolJun 13, 2007
On retiendra en priorité de DIRT qu'il est exceptionnellement beau. Destiné à combler les attentes d'un public peu exigeant en terme de réalisme de conduite, il décevra ceux qui l'attendaient comme le premier jeu de rallye de la machine. Plus près d'un TOCA que d'un WRC, il emprunte donc une voie différente de celle que l'on associait à la série Colin McRae.