Diablo III for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Diablo III

Sep 3, 2013

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Diablo III picks up the story twenty years after the events of Diablo II. Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal have been defeated, but the Worldstone, which once shielded the inhabitants of the world of Sanctuary from the forces of both Heaven and Hell, has been destroyed, and evil once again stirs in Tristram. Playing as a hero from one of five distinct character classes, players will acquire powerful items, spells, and abilities as they explore new and familiar areas of Sanctuary and battle hordes of demons to safeguard the world from the horrors that have arisen.

Critic Reviews

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Carolyn PetitSep 09, 2013
It never diverges from the path carved by its predecessors and the numerous loot-driven hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers they inspired. But Diablo III also proves that when done well, the classic formula can still be absorbing. The powerful abilities of the diverse character classes are fun to use, the world is varied and enticing, and the constant promise of more riches and better gear makes conquering that next group of foes an alluring prospect indeed. Don't take up arms against Diablo because you care about saving the world. Do it for fortune and glory.
Arthur GiesSep 18, 2013
At their most basic level, the console versions of Diablo 3 are the same as the PC version of the game. They have the same primary structure, the same character classes, the same skills, the same randomly generated loot and monster system. If you’ve played through Diablo 3 on the PC, you won’t be surprised — at first. But after an hour or so, the console version of the game goes out of its way to surprise you.
Joshua VanderwallSep 06, 2013
Diablo III is just Diablo III. The game feels more like a top-down shooter with the controller, but it's still heavily action oriented gameplay, with leveling and loot systems that make you hate to put it down. If you've played the PC version, Diablo III on consoles isn't going to offer you anything new, except the ability to sit on your couch while you play. If you've never played Diablo III on PC and like ARPGs of any sort, this will be a great addition to your collection.

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