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de Blob 2

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Andrew GroenFeb 22, 2011
I had more fun with de Blob 2 than any other platformer since the original Super Mario Galaxy. It's not the most high-profile game on store shelves, but if you're in the market for a unique game with an awesome presentation and a great personality, you simply can't do any better than de Blob 2.
Susan ArendtMar 01, 2011
de Blob 2's cheerful demeanor and simple goals make it a natural for the younger set - or anyone suffering from Grim Shooter Ennui. If you're a parent, or looking to introduce a newbie to the world of gaming, this is a great choice. If you're a more experienced player just looking to indulge your gaming OCD, you'll find great satisfaction hunting down every last billboard, tree, and Graydian.
Chris PlanteFeb 22, 2011
But in de Blob 2, the hero feels less kiddie pool and more Adult Swim. Of course, it doesn't dive in. This isn't Conker's Bad Fur Day. It is still very much a game, if not bluntly for kids, that kids can play. The co-op and difficult unlockable objective stages present the game, intentionally or not, as a adventure that a parent plays with the kid. It's not a perfect game for kids or adults, but it's good for both.
Jamin SmithFeb 22, 2011
It's children that will inevitably get the most from the experience, but like a Pixar film or any good cartoon, Blue Tongue Entertainment has created a game that appeals on two levels. Sure, there are better platform games out there, but with its bold aesthetic and great sense of humour, it's hard to go wrong with de Blob 2. Unless you're colour-blind, of course.
Matthew KeastFeb 22, 2011
It’s not as deep as it wants to be, but it has enough substance to pick up and play after buying it for your kids (or younger siblings). We wish it had stretched its creative muscles more and really expanded on the potential for coloring puzzles instead of playing it safe so as not to be too difficult for young brains. After all, kids are smarter than they’re given credit for most of the time.
Patrick KolanFeb 18, 2011
That's de Blob 2. It's just a charming and fairly straightforward platformer that wears its all-ages appeal on its kaleidoscopic sleeve. Everything is bubbly and bright and freewheeling -- and the gameplay is largely very good.
Meagan MarieFeb 22, 2011
Because of its lighthearted nature and presentation, de Blob 2 may pass under the radar of “core” gamers, which would be a crime worthy of the INKT Corporation. Fun, innovative, and surprisingly deep, de Blob 2 is bright spot in a sea of gray games and iterative sequels.
Game TrailersFeb 24, 2011
Its core premise is simple and plays to our most base completist urges, but it never feels cheap for doing so
Jon BlythSep 05, 2014
Experienced gamers will find de Blob 2 lacking in challenge for the entire first half of the game, but this is pitched perfectly at kids
Brent GaliettiFeb 27, 2011
It is hard to describe de Blob 2 in a succinct statement. Visually, the game will blow you away; it is one of the best examples of vivid graphics making a huge impact on a video game. As a platformer, it is certainly not bad, but numerous issues keep it from reaching greatness. That said, even with those problems, de Blob 2 is a solid game worth a look, a very deep, longing look into the vibrant, paint-filled world of Prisma City.
William van Dijk MartínFeb 20, 2011
No sorprende tanto de Blob 2 como lo hizo su antecesor, probablemente por seguir una tendencia que se refina pero no necesariamente mejora. Blue Tongue ha acertado con la inclusión de un modo en dos dimensiones que permite afrontar la aventura desde una perspectiva completamente distinta a la tridimensional.
Joan Abad ExtremeraFeb 28, 2011
A modo de resumen, de Blob 2 es un gran título y una gran secuela. Es cierto que nos habría gustado que el cooperativo hubiese sido de otra manera, y que los desafíos fueran algo más difíciles, pero pese a esto, la simpatía de Blob, Pinky y el resto de personajes, incluso el Camarada Black, la sencilla jugabilidad y el gran trabajo artístico realizado, convierten a de Blob 2 en un título tan bonito como entretenido.
Sergio MartínFeb 28, 2011
Uno de los personajes más entrañables de THQ regresa con una aventura bien construida, divertida y apta para todos los públicos. No sorprende tanto como la original de Wii y técnicamente no es perfecta, pero las pequeñas novedades que incorpora y su genial sentido del humor hacen de esta aventura un título muy recomendable.
MiniblobFeb 25, 2011
Si le gameplay manque un peu d'originalité, le titre se rattrape en nous proposant une merveilleuse balade musicale. Faire interagir la bande-son avec l'explosion de couleurs qui se produit à l'écran est incontestablement une excellente idée. Au final, il s'agit donc d'un jeu rafraîchissant qui vous permettra de prendre un peu d'avance sur le printemps en apportant un peu de couleurs à votre quotidien.
Stéphane SautonieFeb 27, 2011
de Blob 2 est typiquement le genre d'expérience qui peut faire du bien à ceux qui veulent un peu de légèreté entre deux parties d’un FPS explosif. Avec son ambiance colorée, son principe addictif qui donne de l'importance à nos actions et sa prise en main accessible, le titre réussit sans mal son passage sur les machines HD.
Davide PersianiFeb 25, 2011
La profondità di un concept apparentemente semplice, la qualità del gameplay proposto e, non ultima, un'atmosfera davvero suggestiva, danno infatti origine a un'esperienza di gioco appassionante e divertente, che si rivelerà senz'altro ricca di soddisfazioni per chiunque deciderà di intraprenderla.
Tom BoshouwersMar 07, 2011
Een vrolijke bende, daar is de Blob 2 perfect mee te beschrijven. Alles straalt vrolijkheid uit en na een speelsessie met de Blob 2 wil je de winter al snel achter je laten. Helaas is de game te eentonig om voor een lange tijd leuk te blijven. Maar wanneer je even in een dipje zit, is de Blob 2 de perfecte game om in je console te stoppen en je bent meteen weer in een vrolijke bui.
Jonas ElfvingFeb 24, 2011
De Blob 2 är ett stabilt plattformsspel med stor charm och mycket egen karaktär. Jag hade gärna sett en lite vassare spelkontroll och att tidsbegränsningarna slängts redan på idéstadiet, men Blue Tounge Entertainment har verkligen gjort sin bobba färgstarkare än någonsin och gett honom ett finfint hem på HD-konsolerna. De Blob 2 är en humörhöjare, en lekplats och en polykrom kram som värmer bra.