de Blob 2 for Xbox 360
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de Blob 2

Feb 22, 2011
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Developer: THQ Nordic
Content Rating: Everyone10+


In de Blob 2, Comrade Black is back and so is his war on color. Disguised as Papa Blanc, Comrade Black rigs the city's election in order to win and take control of Prisma City with his brainwashing new cult. That is, until de Blob bounces back in full color-spreading force with his revolution to restore color and life back to the city and its residents.

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Susan ArendtMar 01, 2011
de Blob 2's cheerful demeanor and simple goals make it a natural for the younger set - or anyone suffering from Grim Shooter Ennui. If you're a parent, or looking to introduce a newbie to the world of gaming, this is a great choice. If you're a more experienced player just looking to indulge your gaming OCD, you'll find great satisfaction hunting down every last billboard, tree, and Graydian.
Chris PlanteFeb 22, 2011
But in de Blob 2, the hero feels less kiddie pool and more Adult Swim. Of course, it doesn't dive in. This isn't Conker's Bad Fur Day. It is still very much a game, if not bluntly for kids, that kids can play. The co-op and difficult unlockable objective stages present the game, intentionally or not, as a adventure that a parent plays with the kid. It's not a perfect game for kids or adults, but it's good for both.
Andrew GroenFeb 22, 2011
I had more fun with de Blob 2 than any other platformer since the original Super Mario Galaxy. It's not the most high-profile game on store shelves, but if you're in the market for a unique game with an awesome presentation and a great personality, you simply can't do any better than de Blob 2.

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