Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Apr 7, 2015
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Developer: FromSoftware
Content Rating: Teen


The undead curse continues to spread across the kingdom of Drangleic with Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, a compilation of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls II along with its three DLC chapters (Crown Of The Sunken King, Crown Of The Old Iron King, and Crown Of The Ivory King) along with an array of all-new content.

Face the challenge once again in this sequel to the hardcore action RPG. Dark Souls II features a new hero, a new storyline, and an unfamiliar world for players to survive in while delivering its signature brand of unrelenting punishment that players hunger for. Epic battles with gruesome enemies and blood-thirsty bosses await adventurers as they traverse through a devastated world filled with death and despair; only those who are strong willed or cunning can survive this journey to achieve great glory.

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Mar 2, 2020

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Philip KollarApr 17, 2015
When I first saw those redesigned areas in action at a preview event earlier this year, I got the impression that they largely served the purpose of making the game harder. They seemed custom-designed to pull hardcore fans looking for more of a challenge back into the game, and I was concerned about where that left new fans jumping into Dark Souls 2 for the first time with Scholar of the First Sin. ...The build-up doesn't feel ludicrously more difficult; if anything, it feels more natural.
Álvaro CastellanoApr 03, 2015
Esos son los tres grandes pilares de Dark Souls II que, a su vez, se repiten en este Scholar of the First Sin que lo remasteriza para la nueva generación con contenidos descargables y algunos pequeños cambios. Se podía haber mejorado la faceta visual, muy mucho sí, pero en su estado actual sigue siendo un producto al que se le puede echar un vistazo si disfrutamos del original y que es absolutamente imprescindible si no lo hicimos entonces.
Florian VelterApr 08, 2015
Etrangement, ce Dark Souls 2 : Scholar of the First Sin s’adresse d’abord aux joueurs qui ont déjà bien entamé voire terminé en profondeur la version de base. Ils profiteront à 100% de ce remake, malgré un prix élevé : la refonte visuelle, la plus grande réactivité des mouvements durant les combats.

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