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Miguel ConcepcionFeb 19, 2013
The gameplay foundation laid by the previous installments helps add considerable replay value to the campaign, and especially the expanded multiplayer. These are enough to recommend Crysis 3 to any shooter fan as long as they don’t put a dollar amount on campaign length.
Jim SterlingFeb 19, 2013
The result is a title that doesn't truly match the open-ended excitement of the first game nor the revelatory empowerment of the second, yet manages to provide enough of both to at least tantalize, even if it doesn't completely satisfy. Solo play is shorter than previous installments and not as enjoyable, but multiplayer goes some way toward apologizing for it by stepping up its game and providing a gripping new experience in Hunter mode.
Rutledge DaugetteOct 11, 2013
If Crysis 3 truly is the final installment in the phenomenal series by Crytek, I can sleep soundly. It was a great wrap-up to the games, allowing for stunning visuals, engaging and fast paced combat, and a plotline that covered up all the holes I wanted answers for, on top of thing and pieces of the story (which I won’t reveal) that really threw me a curveball! Do not miss this game, you will regret it.
Adam SesslerFeb 19, 2013
Trevor HoustonFeb 21, 2013
The Crysis franchise has always been known for its visually stunning games and Crysis 3 is no exception. It is indeed the kind of game you will use to showcase how good a shooter can look on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, underneath those slick looking graphics is a shooter that is unquestionably good, but could have been so much better. In a market saturated with shooters, it takes something special to rise above the pack. Crysis 3 was on the cusp of doing so, but in the end it didn’t quite knock one out of the park.
David HinkleFeb 19, 2013
Crysis 3 is a marked improvement over its predecessors, both from a narrative and gameplay standpoint. It features a simpler, cohesive story with fewer of the constrained corridor crawls and Ceph turkey shoots found in Crysis 2. Even within the confines of its linear level design, Crysis 3 offers a great deal of freedom, allowing you to approach its encounters any way you please, while still making sure you're never lost or wondering where the next point of interest is.
Kevin VanOrdFeb 19, 2013
As the story presses on, the conflict deepens and the visuals darken; it's as if you can feel the evil spreading throughout the city. It's unfortunate that the game doesn't reach the heights of its predecessors. The campaign is several hours shorter than Crysis 2's, and doesn't reproduce the thrills that lit up the previous games. Yet on its own terms, this is a full-featured sci-fi shooter that makes it a lot of fun to torture extraterrestrial abominations with the burning rage of their own weapons.
William SchwartzFeb 19, 2013
Crysis 3 is a great looking and great playing game. Big surprise right. Don’t expect too many changes in the established formula. Instead, it’s the little things that make the big differences in Crysis 3. The new enivronment lends itself well for a more tension filled brand of combat, and the tweaked arsenal of weapons have been hand picked to accentuate this. Giving ever so slightly more color to the single player campaign, makes for a more enjoyable experience.
Tristan OgilvieFeb 19, 2013
Crysis 3 is a polished iteration on the previous Crysis titles. Its campaign mode features some much needed soul beneath the sci-fi sheen, which gives a sense of purpose to all the killing that has been previously absent from the series. While its multiplayer mode isn’t quite strong enough to tear you away from the genre leaders for long, it at least provides enough of its own flavour to present a worthy alternative.
Steven BurnsFeb 19, 2013
By the end of the game I was bored silly, and considering the scope of what was going on that shouldn't have been the case. Sadly, bar a few exceptions – a Jurassic Park-style hunting section in long grass, an open-ended assault on Ceph AA emplacements – I'd rinsed and repeated the same thing so much that I couldn't care less. Which, given that I was the world's most powerful being, says it all.
Lorenzo VeloriaFeb 19, 2013
Even though the campaign is on the shorter side, there are a few visual hiccups, and some of the enemy AI is unbalanced, those small gripes get overshadowed by Crysis 3's tactical gameplay, beautiful environments, and superb online multiplayer. While not treading new ground for the FPS genre, Crysis 3 is a solid shooter that will keep you entertained through the campaign and long after with its addictive online modes.
Robert VerBruggenFeb 20, 2013
There's certainly a case to be made that Crysis 3 is mediocre in numerous ways. Most players will finish the campaign after five hours or so, the attempt to add vehicles doesn't work well, and the intense focus on graphics can make the gameplay feel like an afterthought. But it's hard to deny that the visuals are beautiful, and that the franchise's sandbox approach to tactics has always worked well. In the end, it's different from other first-person shooters in ways that are more than just skin deep, and it's a ton of fun.
Jeff GerstmannFeb 28, 2013
It's serviceable and, again, it looks great on the PC, but was this trip really necessary? It's an average experience, overall, and in a genre that continues to be packed full of competition, you'd probably be better off finding a discounted copy of Crysis 2 or, if the large combat areas of the original Crysis really float your boat, spend some time with Far Cry 3, instead.
Matt BertzFeb 19, 2013
Crysis 3’s evolutionary enhancements don’t move the needle for the series very far, but the core nanosuit-based gameplay is still thrilling. If you have a rig that can run the PC version of Crysis 3, I strongly recommend you go this route. The high-resolution textures, realistic lighting, and detailed facial animations gives you a taste of the graphical fidelity we expect to be standard in next-generation consoles.
CvgFeb 19, 2013
Jonas MäkiFeb 19, 2013
All this, combined with a story that ends the trilogy satisfactorily and answers all lingering questions, Crysis 3 feels like Christmas all over again for fans of heavy-leaded action. The FPS genre doesn't come much more rounded than this. Forget waiting for the next generation of graphics to appear: they're here already, and that we can thank Crytek for. Prepare to have all of your senses dazzled as a result.
Jordan MarsdenFeb 27, 2013
Crysis 3 is a polished and accomplished FPS that warrants its place among the Xbox 360’s top shooters. While the game is unbalanced and only offers a significant challenge on the higher difficulty settings, the quality of the visuals, the diversity it offers, and the focus on tactics and strategy makes this an absolute joy to play and a refreshing experience when compared to other titles in this genre.
Christian DonlanFeb 19, 2013
True panoramic freedom is still missing in action, the campaign's rather undernourished as it rushes you into the final act and the fiction feels increasingly forgettable. There are charms here, though, if you boot up the tactical display and stick to the shadows. There's the silent kill in glorious surroundings; there's the swish of an arrow, the creak of a bow.
Javi AndrésFeb 21, 2013
Las promesas de escenarios abiertos y múltiples vías de actuación no se cumplen del todo, solo en parte. El último vaje de Prophet y Psycho se queda en una carrerita rápida y que sabe a poco, pero intensa como ella sola y repleta de momentos muy diferentes y con buen abanico variado. No es demasiado difícil tampoco, en parte por una IA deficiente pero sobre todo por las poderosas habilidades del nuevo Nanotraje. La Nueva York tomada por la naturaleza es una idea brillante para el diseño de niveles y la espectacularidad artística y gráfica.
Álvaro CastellanoFeb 22, 2013
Crysis 3, con sus virtudes y sus defectos, es un gran videojuego de acción. No llega a la calidad de sus dos predecesores, como resulta obvio viendo su calificación final, pero no es en absoluto un videojuego que ningún fan de la acción deba desechar. Echamos en falta algo más de duración en la campaña individual, un mayor número de novedades y más momentos inspirados en su sucesión de situaciones. Sin embargo a la enorme calidad gráfica del programa hay que sumar un carácter divertido y no exento de una profundidad poco habitual en juegos multiplataforma de su calado.
MiniblobFeb 22, 2013
L'arrivée de Crysis 3 prend des airs de douche froide. Le titre n'est pas foncièrement mauvais mais il croule sous les petits défauts qui viennent gâcher l'expérience de jeu. L'aventure est courte et inintéressante, l'IA des ennemis est catastrophique, les pouvoirs de la combinaison sont abusés... Bref, le résultat est bien loin d'être à la hauteur de ce qu'on nous avait fait miroiter. L'aspect technique n'est même pas là pour sauver la version console... Il ne reste plus qu'à se tourner vers le multijoueur qui rattrape le coup sans justifier à lui seul l'achat du titre.
Fabien PellegriniFeb 23, 2013
S'ils ne proposent rien de révolutionnaire, ces derniers s'affranchissent naturellement de tout problème de mise en scène, d'intelligence artificielle, de mauvais dosage de la difficulté, etc. Finalement, ce pan multi et la puissance du moteur graphique permettent au jeu de pouvoir garder la tête haute. Pour en prendre plein les yeux ou pour se fragger entre amis, Crysis 3 devient même franchement recommandable.
Luca ForteFeb 19, 2013
In un panorama di sparatutto sempre più standardizzato Crysis 3 si distacca non solo per una realizzazione tecnica davvero sorprendente, capace di polverizzare colleghi più blasonati e decisamente più lineari, ma soprattutto per una narrazione finalmente convincente che cuce assieme sessioni di gameplay davvero intense, imperniate su di un level design di eccezione, che accompagna i giocatori a sperimentare tutti i poteri della nanotuta e a scegliere quale approccio è il preferito per portare a termine l'obiettivo.
Francesco DestriFeb 19, 2013
Il vero valore aggiunto continua ad essere la nanotuta, ma anche la modalità Hunter già vista nella beta è frenetica e ben strutturata e il senso di progresso del nostro alter ego è sempre presente e sufficientemente articolato, anche se meno profondo e un po' più sterile rispetto al modello di Call of Duty.
David WahlströmFeb 27, 2013
Crysis 3 är helt klart en välgjord skjutare som bjuder på spännande miljöer och ibland även en intressant handling. Men en rad buggar och missar rimmar illa med Cryteks tekniska kunnighet och flera andra brister håller det tillbaka. Jag har haft kul med Crysis 3, men inte lika kul som jag haft med dess två föregångare. Detta betyder dock inte att det är dåligt på något sätt, bara det sämsta i serien.