Crysis 3 for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Crysis 3

Feb 19, 2013
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Developer: Crytek
Content Rating: Mature


The award-winning developer Crytek is back with Crysis 3, the first blockbuster shooter of 2013. Return to the fight as Prophet, the Nanosuit soldier on a quest to rediscover his humanity and exact brutal revenge. Adapt on the fly with the stealth and armor abilities of your unique Nanosuit as you battle through the seven wonders of New York's Liberty Dome. Unleash the firepower of your all-new, high-tech bow and alien weaponry to hunt both human and alien enemies. Uncover the truth behind the death of your squad while reestablishing the power of human will in a rich story full of exciting twists and turns. Crysis 3 is the ultimate sandbox shooter, realized in the stunning visuals only Crytek and the latest version of CryENGINE can deliver.

Critic Reviews

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Miguel ConcepcionFeb 19, 2013
The gameplay foundation laid by the previous installments helps add considerable replay value to the campaign, and especially the expanded multiplayer. These are enough to recommend Crysis 3 to any shooter fan as long as they don’t put a dollar amount on campaign length.
Jim SterlingFeb 19, 2013
The result is a title that doesn't truly match the open-ended excitement of the first game nor the revelatory empowerment of the second, yet manages to provide enough of both to at least tantalize, even if it doesn't completely satisfy. Solo play is shorter than previous installments and not as enjoyable, but multiplayer goes some way toward apologizing for it by stepping up its game and providing a gripping new experience in Hunter mode.
Rutledge DaugetteOct 11, 2013
If Crysis 3 truly is the final installment in the phenomenal series by Crytek, I can sleep soundly. It was a great wrap-up to the games, allowing for stunning visuals, engaging and fast paced combat, and a plotline that covered up all the holes I wanted answers for, on top of thing and pieces of the story (which I won’t reveal) that really threw me a curveball! Do not miss this game, you will regret it.

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