Crash of the Titans for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Crash of the Titans

Oct 4, 2007
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In a nefarious plot to unleash destruction, Crash Bandicoot 's arch-nemeses, Neo and Nina Cortex, have mutated the creatures of Crash's island into monstrous abominations! Never one to shirk from danger, our orange furry friend finds that with his potent mix of wacky bravado and daredevil action he is able to hijack the titanic monsters and wield their immense powers against each other! Bring on the titans, because with Crash in charge, the bigger the baddie, the better!

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Brett ToddOct 04, 2007
Thanks to its appreciation of old and new, The Settlers: Rise of an Empire has a lot to offer both longtime franchise followers and newcomers who wouldn't know a serf from a surfboard. It could sure use another patch or two or three to address some bugs, but this effort still does an impressive job of moving the Settlers series closer to the big leagues.
Michael PereiraOct 17, 2007
Crash of the Titans is a good idea wrapped in a mediocre game. This is a shame too, because that good idea involves smashing small things with large monsters. Nonetheless, kids and die-hard Crash fans will still dig the game, and the co-op is perfect for two squabbling siblings who fight over the controller. It doesn't have the lasting power to make a spot in your collection, but it will make for a good rental.
Branden BarrettOct 03, 2007
In the end, Crash of the Titans merely exists to put Crash back on the map. Nearly forgotten after so many new platform icons have come and gone, someone had to get the poor bandicoot back on track. Despite following the same formula as a lot of adventure titles, Crash of the Titans' new idea of taking over enemies to resolve battles and solve puzzles is quite unique.

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