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Charlie BarrattJul 05, 2010
Finally, the new missions are much easier when tackled with multiple guns. Sections that you'll fail by yourself over and over, sometimes even on the lowest difficulty level, are suddenly a shoot-and-forget breeze once co-op help arrives. While this is a fantastic way to encourage teamwork, it often ends up punishing those who want to – or have to – play alone. Which brings us to the next page: What's still crap about Crackdown.
Edge StaffJul 06, 2010
At its best, this is more than just the purest, most narcotic action game in the world – it’s a cultural pinnacle
Justin McElroyJul 05, 2010
This is usually the part where I'd say "but if you loved the first game, this is more of the same, so you'll probably love this" but if you really loved the first game, you'd probably be expecting something worthwhile and fresh in exchange for your hard-earned cash and three-and-a-half-year wait. Unfortunately, you're not going to find it here.
Jeff GerstmannJul 05, 2010
If you're in that group or if you're just looking for something absolutely mindless to do with a few online friends, Crackdown 2 is practically perfect for that. But if you've already had your fill of Crackdown, the second game doesn't make enough changes to drag you back into Pacific City for longer than it takes to see the credits roll.
Game TrailersJul 06, 2010
Its lack of a meaningful structure reeks a bit of lazy design, and the well-developed (and extremely permissive) multiplayer game just barely excuses this
Ben ReevesJul 05, 2010
What hurts the most about Crackdown 2 is that I would have been content with a simple, by-the-numbers sequel with a few token improvements. But this isn’t even a Xeroxed sequel; it’s more like a photocopy of a photocopy. The structure is largely the same, but some of the colors have faded, and parts of the picture are missing altogether. Let’s just hope that Microsoft uses some fresh ink for Crackdown 3.
Andy RobinsonJul 05, 2010
It's Crackdown 1.5. Lower your expectations, then you'll have a fantastic time with an update of one of the most enjoyable open-world games around
Erik BrudvigJul 05, 2010
It's mostly just more of the same, in the same city, with the same shortcomings and a slightly expanded set of missions. Crackdown 2 feels uninspired and rushed, and it certainly doesn't feel like a full sequel.
Jim SterlingJul 05, 2010
Ultimately, this game is a very sub-par offering that has no real reason to exist. Everything that is good about Crackdown 2 is already in the original Crackdown, and many of the problems in Crackdown 2 are unique entirely to this installment. In essence, all Crackdown 2 does is take the original game and make it worse.
Russ PittsJul 23, 2010
With plenty of missions, new enemies, new weapons, minor enhancements and lost of things that go boom, Crackdown 2 offers hours of satisfying, brainless fun for those who enjoy that sort of thing. Newcomers to the series and die-hard fans alike will find plenty to obsess over.plenty to obsess over
Adam BrownJul 06, 2010
Despite having many similarities to its predecessor, Crackdown 2 still manages to be a fun and worthwhile experience. While it may not feel like an entirely new game in some respects, it does feel more refined this time around. Whether you played the original Crackdown the entire way through, or perhaps only purchased it to get into the Halo 3 beta, you really should check out this sequel.
Chris WattersJul 05, 2010
This game doesn't significantly build on or vastly improve any of the features of its predecessor, so those with high hopes for a stellar sequel will be disappointed. Still, Crackdown 2's core action and appeal remain very strong, and there is great potential for cooperative mayhem, making this a fun stop on your summer videogame tour.
Jamin SmithJul 05, 2010
If you're coming into the series afresh, Crackdown 2 is well worth checking out, but for those of us who have patiently waited over three years for a sequel, it's a mild disappointment. Many top-notch sandbox titles have graced us with their presence over the past few years, and while Crackdown once set new heights in the genre, the sequel has failed to keep up with the times.
Christian DonlanJul 05, 2010
The cliché regarding this sort of game is that it changes the way you view your own world: I know for sure that I'll be seeing those last few Orbs in my dreams for months to come. If you need any indication of Crackdown's brilliance, that's surely it, right? If you seek its monument, look around you.
Total XboxJul 05, 2010
Crackdown 2 looks sharper, the action is fiercer and the increased number of players pays dividends
Daniel Share-StromJul 09, 2010
All right, I’m finished with the review of Crackdown 2. I’ve made it pretty clear that, despite glitches, poor AI, and all the jerks in multiplayer, the game is an improvement over the original. There are more orbs to get, the engine is more stable, the story is more interesting, and any fan of open-world gaming should check it out.
Erika SzaboOct 18, 2010
For someone looking for a game with plenty of freedom, Crackdown 2 should be a welcome addition, but anyone looking to have a more controlled experience might think otherwise. On the other hand, a long time fan of the original might be disappointed by the lack of inspiration, but the next person might be thrilled to revisit Pacific City. The team has certainly created another entertaining game, one that narrowly misses disappointment. At the end of the day, it’s hard to deny that chaotic appeal.
Gameplanet StaffJul 07, 2010
For every positive aspect found in Crackdown 2, there's a handful of negative ones. The game is frustratingly bland, lacking in innovation and it really feels like less of a game than the title it's meant to follow on from. There are a number of titles in this genre that do it better - Just Cause 2, inFAMOUS, GTA IV, even Saints Row 2 if we're being honest.
Álvaro CastellanoJul 05, 2010
Crackdown 2 repite vicios y virtudes de su primera parte. Muy poco sorprendente y excesivamente continuista, con algo más de trabajo a la hora de introducir novedades, nuevos escenarios y pulir algunos puntos oscuros estaríamos hablando de un videojuego sensacional. ¿En qué queda? En un efectivo, divertido y aparatoso shooter en tercera persona que hará las delicias de los fans de los cómics y los superhéroes.
Xavi RoblesJul 05, 2010
El inconveniente principal de Crackdown 2 es que nos ha impresionado demasiado poco. El primero era un lobo con piel de oveja, una sutil revolución que te retaba constantemente, que identificaba sus defectos y limitaciones y los hacía jugar a su favor. Esa chispa se pierde cuando utilizamos la misma ciudad, las mismas habilidades, el mismo sistema de combate, los mismos gráficos; la capa de barniz no es suficiente.
Juan Porteiro RivesJul 05, 2010
No es un mal juego si estamos solos, de hecho jugarlo con total libertad y 'olvidarse' un poco de hacer las misiones mientras discurrimos formas de acabar con más y más mutantes es uno de sus puntos fuertes
HiroJul 12, 2010
Les petits gars de Ruffian Games ont manifestement fait leur possible pour concevoir une suite digne du premier volet. L'essentiel est là, l'ossature du premier Crackdown a manifestement été conservée, permettant ainsi de produire quelque chose de cohérent et d'assez agréable à parcourir.
Thomas MéreurJul 08, 2010
La concurrence aujourd'hui ne manque vraiment pas et est tellement plus convaincante qu'il serait bien dommage d'aller perdre son temps dans cette suite au prix fort ; un petit DLC aurait franchement suffi. Dommage, le potentiel de cette suite était vraiment énorme, aussi énorme que notre déception devant Pacific City en ruines. Tout un symbole.
Aymeric LalléeJul 05, 2010
Pour résumer rapidement, si vous avez fait le premier Crackdown, inutile de craquer pour celui-là et surtout pas à 60 euros ! A quelques détails près, il n'y a rien de neuf mis à part le multijoueurs en compétitif qui peut, éventuellement et pendant un temps, relever le niveau. Sinon, on retrouve la même ville en moins jolie, des missions ultra répétitives, un bourrinage constant qui amuse quelques heures et un scénario qui tient sur un Post It™.
Jorge LoureiroJul 06, 2010
Se jogaram o primeiro Crackdown, devem-se ter apercebido ao longo desta análise que as mudanças não são muitas no número dois. Na realidade isto é o mesmo jogo que foi lançado em 2007. Continua de facto um jogo incrivelmente divertido, mas é mais do mesmo.
Filippo FacchettiJul 12, 2010
Crackdown 2, quindi, si è rivelato essere un buon gioco, divertente e piacevole, a patto di non aver giocato a fondo il capitolo precedente. Le poche differenze rispetto al primo Crackdown, infatti, rendono questa fatica di Ruffian Games un accessorio a cui si può facilmente rinunciare in favore di altri giochi più nuovi e capaci di sorprendere ancora il giocatore.
Rob OttensJul 20, 2010
Het levelen van je superagent is nog altijd leuk, het rondspringen van dak tot dak blijft tof en het jagen op orbs zal altijd een mooi tijdsverdrijf blijven. Als je van het eerste deel genoten hebt, of je bent op zoek naar een game om eens lekker onderuitgezakt te spelen zonder veel bij na te denken, dan is Crackdown 2 het spel voor jou.
Jonas ElfvingJul 05, 2010
Crackdown 2 hade kunnat vara ett kanonspel om man sett över bandesignen lite mer och framförallt gjort uppdragen mer varierade. Entusiasmen och kämparglädjen inför en uppgift går lite väl ofta över till irriterade suck och en känsla av att man mer är på jobbet än i ett roligt actionspel. Med det sagt gör smidigheten i onlineläget, den läckra staden och många maffiga explosioner hela paketet till en stabil actionupplevelse.