Battlefield 4 for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Battlefield 4

Oct 29, 2013

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Developer: EA DICE
Content Rating: Mature


In Battlefield 4, gamers will experience huge environments, a playground of destruction, access to an arsenal of vehicles, the ability to direct squad mates, and much more in the first entry in the first-person shooter franchise to run on Frostbite 3 technology. The game once again aims to deliver a premier online multiplayer gaming experience while also offering an engaging and challenging story campaign.

Critic Reviews

18 Reviews
Shawn PetraschukNov 07, 2013
Battlefield 4, with its huge maps and high attention to detail is just screaming next generation. Playing on maps built for 64 players with a mere 24 seems like not only a disservice but lacking in punch too. Imagine maps filled to the brim with insanity rather than seeing a concentrated group in one small area of the map. With that in mind I’d say that if you plan on purchasing a next gen system it might be best to wait for that one.
Mitch DyerOct 28, 2013
It accomplishes less than you'll see on other platforms, but it's still a great multiplayer shooter that makes the most of its ambitions. DICE proves once again that destruction is a valuable strategic addition to competitive combat, even when it's a little ugly, and that battle reaches its full potential with two killer Commanders are bringing out the best in their squads. The campaign, on the other hand is a disappointing, but a functioning and familiar game with overwhelming action and remarkable spectacle.
MachinimaOct 28, 2013

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