BattleBlock Theater for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

BattleBlock Theater

Apr 3, 2013

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About this game

Developer: The Behemoth
Content Rating: Teen


Having shipwrecked on a mysterious island you find yourself both betrayed by your best friend Hatty and captured by the locals. All of this is happening while being forced into deadly performances. This however, is just the start of your problems...

Critic Reviews

28 Reviews
Marshall LemonApr 10, 2013
BattleBlock Theater is a refreshingly upbeat platformer that puts silliness and fun above all else. The gameplay is easy to grasp for platforming veterans, while the massive amount of content and alternate game modes ensure you'll be entertained for hours. You also may never look at your cat quite the same way again.
Jessica CondittApr 05, 2013
As a platformer with beat-em-up tendencies, Battleblock Theater is a rousing good time, alone or accompanied, and it weaves a charming tale throughout every challenge. It's a shame that the campaign doesn't support more than two players, but even so, the game is much less about cooperation and much more about thrashing your friends. In that regard, Battleblock Theater excels.
Matt MillerApr 05, 2013
Don’t be fooled by BattleBlock Theater’s downloadable format and low $15 price tag; this is a massive game filled with opportunities for exploration, collection, and fun. Solo players can look forward to a great campaign that is only improved with a friend at your side. If no buddies are available, a smart matchmaking system assures you can explore even the story mode with an appropriate online partner.

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