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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Tom OrryAug 27, 2009
It takes the licence and uses it in ways that make sense both for the character and for a game, giving players the chance to become one of the most popular super heroes of all time. There are a few niggling issues, but nothing that gets in the way of what is undoubtedly one of the best games of 2009. Whether you fancy skulking in the shadows, smashing slow motion fists in into a goon's skull, or simply using some cool gadgets, you can do no wrong with what is Eidos' best game in years.
Jeff GerstmannSep 01, 2009
All of the different aspects of Batman: Arkham Asylum come together along with some great graphics. The principal characters look really great and extremely thick. The meaty character models make the fighting look downright painful. The island itself also looks great, with a great amount of variety, with torn-up cell blocks, a mansion, a big greenhouse, and a sizable exterior with guard towers, statues, and so on. The atmospheric nature of the game is also furthered by its audio.
David HoughtonJun 25, 2012
It’s a big, ambitious game made of many diverse elements, and that Rocksteady has realised its vision in such a cohesive, compulsive, immersive and shockingly fun way is a testament to the immense progress it's made since 2006’s good but flawed Urban Chaos: Riot Response.
Dan WhiteheadAug 21, 2009
Arkham Asylum finds room for every major aspect of Batman's enduring appeal, and it does so in a game compelling enough to work even without its masked star. Fans of the caped crusader really shouldn't hesitate - this isn't just the best grown-up Batman game, it's the best superhero game, bar none.
Karl KoebkeAug 28, 2009
Even though the recently awarded Guinness World Record of Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever is obviously a marketing stunt, it certainly deserves the praise. The story was straight out of the cartoon (in a good way), the action is surprisingly deep and fun, and the audio was on point even if the visuals were a bit wanting. If you are a Batman fan, you owe it to yourself to play this game, and if you aren’t then go play Superman 64 and think about the decisions you have made in your life.
Aylon HerbetAug 24, 2009
The gameplay/controls are simple but perfect for what they are trying to do. Fun story to follow. The Joker is awesome. You really feel like Batman. Lots to do and explore. Tons of wonderful toys to play with. Good mix of stealth and combat. Some fun boss fights. Challenge rooms that allow you to get straight to the action.
Josep Maria SempereAug 25, 2009
Al final, Arkham Asylum resulta un rotundo éxito. Rocksteady no sólo ha conseguido crear el mejor videojuego que se ha hecho jamás sobre el caballero oscuro, sino que probablemente ha firmado el mejor videojuego de superhéroes hecho hasta la fecha. La fórmula es aparentemente sencilla: un profundo respeto por el material original, un juego creado en torno al personaje (y no al revés), unos excelentes valores de producción y, sobretodo, aplicar amor y mimo en todos y cada uno de sus aspectos.
Álvaro CastellanoAug 24, 2009
Batman: Arkham Asylum es un triunfo con todas las letras: Acción, sigilo e investigación apuntalan un combinado realmente poderoso. El mejor trabajo con la licencia de Bob Kane que hemos visto hasta la fecha, y uno de los mejores videojuegos de superhéroes de la historia. Rocksteady se pone en el mapa con su El Caballero Oscuro de los videojuegos.
LoganAug 25, 2009
On pourra lui reprocher son terrain de jeu limité, des mécanismes tournant vite en rond ou le fait d'être passé complètement à côté des combats de boss mais ces défauts ne pèsent pas lourd face à un monceau de qualités. Esthétiquement superbe, gothique à souhait, Batman AA procure un concentré de plaisir brut une fois la bat-manette en main. Oeuvre fragile et définitive, le soft de Rocksteady ne peut nous faire espérer qu'une chose : une suite... Dans les bas-fonds de Gotham. Respect.
Alessandro MarchettiAug 25, 2009
Batman: Arkham Asylum è infatti un prodotto di tutto rispetto, capace di rendere giustizia al proprio protagonista come nessun’altro titolo della categoria è mai riuscito a fare prima d’ora. In definitiva, indipendentemente dal fatto che siate patiti dell’uomo pipistrello, questo titolo saprà senz’altro regalarvi immense soddisfazioni. Se invece Batman fosse la vostra unica ragione di vita, non potreste chiedere prodotto migliore.
Rox van der HelmAug 06, 2009
Het verhaal is interessant om te volgen en het spel biedt genoeg diversiteit. Het ene moment ben je bezig met hand to hand gevechten, tegen meerdere vijanden of tegen één grote. Het volgende moment ben je weer bezig met een stealth aanpak. Wie had gedacht dat een vleermuis nog zoveel diepgang kon bieden? Een gesticht wil je normaal gesproken niet betreden, maar neem van ons aan dat je Arkham Asylum juist wel wil verkennen. Laat de vleermuis in je los!