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Billy ShibleyJul 19, 2011
Microsoft’s Xbox Live Summer of Arcade has quickly become synonymous with high-quality, original games. It seems like each year there’s one title to stand out from the rest. Braid, Shadow Complex, and Limbo come to mind. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a little bit here but I’m pretty confident in saying that, when all is said and done, this year’s gem will be Bastion. It’s once in a blue moon that a game this special comes along.
Carolyn GudmundsonJun 24, 2012
Aside from gameplay, as is the way with some of the more artsy-leaning XBLA games, Bastion's story falls disappointingly flat once you strip away its stylish façade. Yes, it's presented in an engaging way that held our interest to the end, in large part because of the amazing narration that carries through the entirety of the game. The slick presentation though merely masks a story that's a fairly standard dressing up of a typical fetch quest.
Game TrailersJul 19, 2011
Though the game feels well conceived as a whole, there are a few shortcomings and limitations underneath its thoughtful and hardy design. The narrator is a good gimmick, but his constant commentary soon grows intrusive and doesn't quite match the game's visual tone. The beauty of the detailed environments sometimes obscures problems or pitfalls, and a few late-game revelations aren't quite what they're cracked up to be.
Jim SterlingJul 19, 2011
Is the game worth playing? Certainly. It's a decent little adventure that will provide enough solid gameplay to be worth the money. Just make sure one expects no more than that, and it'll be a most worthy purchase. Bastion is fun enough for what it is, but it does not transcend to the levels that it would like you to believe it does.
Edge StaffJul 20, 2011
Brilliantly – and this is a game of a hundred glittering brilliances – Bastion’s monologue doesn’t just react to the big, world-rupturing decisions that occur towards the end of the adventure, but to your moment-to-moment fancies at every step of the way.
Ludwig KietzmannJul 19, 2011
I'm glad that the super-giant Bastion that could have been is not the one I ended up playing. As much as I love being deafened by explosions and the end of civilization, there's a unique pleasure in seeing an imperfect, earnest vision coming from just a handful of developers. Bastion is a quiet explosion in reverse, and there's no mistaking its charms once it all comes together.
Maxwell McGeeJul 19, 2011
The world of Bastion is brought to life with some truly exceptional hand-painted environments. Every stylish bit of scenery is filled with tiny touches that add to the game's fairytale vibe. While the world may be filled with color, its muted tones help underscore a somber tale that grows darker and darker as you progress. It's a wonderfully crafted adventure that presents a fun and focused challenge you can customize in all sorts of ways.
Justin ClouseAug 05, 2011
A single play through will roughly come in around 6-8 hours depending on how much you strive to complete. There is some incentive to replay though with new game plus mode which allows you to retain your level and items, and you'll most certainly want to try the alternates of the end game choices.
Jamin SmithJul 19, 2011
Bastion is the perfect game to kick off Microsoft's Summer of Arcade, capturing that certain something that Limbo and Braid had in previous years. For 1200 Microsoft Points you'll be rewarded with an experience just as memorable as any retail release this year.
Matt MillerJul 19, 2011
The sounds and images stick in your mind after you complete the game just like when you closed the final page on a favorite childhood picture book. Bastion makes a good case for the idea that simple gameplay, straightforward design, and a clear guiding vision for art, music, and story can go a long way to making a good game great.
Tom BramwellJul 19, 2011
Once the dust settles on The Kid's journey, though, you are still likely to want to return for another: listening out for deeper meaning in Rucks' narration, storming through previously tough areas with a meatier arsenal, soaking up details you didn't linger on previously. Any concerns you had are likely to be drowned out in wistful hindsight by the dazzling visuals, artful commentary and moving score that made up your adventure.
Lauren WainwrightJul 23, 2011
Beneath the visuals and the voice-over, Bastion is actually a fairly standard action RPG, but the abundance of different challenges and puzzles, combined with that beguiling narration, makes it something rather special.
Craig SnowJul 24, 2011
The occasional hiccup aside, Bastion is an excellent XBLA title, with a superb soundtrack, enjoyable combat and upgrade systems, beautiful presentation and a narrator that’s second to none. Bastion is, for the time being, the clear frontrunner to be crowned this year’s Summer of Arcade must-have, and for good reasons.
Filipe SalgadoAug 16, 2011
The narrator of Bastion tells us that stories usually start at the beginning, but that this time it's different. It's a tease, of course, but a well constructed one.
Matt MaguireJul 22, 2011
Some tiny and infrequent aiming and walking glitches aside, it’s ten hours of well-balanced, irresistibly charming gameplay, great visuals and evocative sound design that deserves to be savoured and repeated by the widest possible audience. With this release, Supergiant Games has set a new high-water mark for not only for budget-price RPGs, but XBLA games as a whole. Highly recommended.
Miguel Ángel SernaJul 26, 2011
Quizás no sea la obra maestra que algunos anunciaban, ni suponga la revolución que todos deseábamos, pero sus méritos son más que suficientes y nadie en su sano juicio debería dejar pasar la oportunidad de jugarlo y descubrir por sí mismo el encanto y la magia que destila en cada uno de sus minutos.
Álvaro CastellanoJul 21, 2011
Bastion puede parecer un videojuego muy sencillo, y de hecho en algunos aspectos lo es, pero también es una nueva demostración del maravilloso estado de forma que atraviesan los videojuegos descargables en cuanto a la diversión que proporcionan. Un Action-RPG de la vieja escuela que hará las delicias de los fans de la acción y también de los aficionados a las aventuras más vistosas y genuinamente narradas.
William van Dijk MartínJul 20, 2011
Bastion es uno de los mejores títulos que han aparecido en Xbox Live Arcade durante los últimos meses. Sin duda, es la mejor obra que se ha dejado ver en lo que llevamos de 2011, no tanto por lo sorprendente de su propuesta -que básicamente se limita a copiar los atributos que el género lucía hace una década- como por el genial trabajo que Supergiant Games ha realizado a nivel creativo.
Emmanuel DeluneJul 22, 2011
Peut-être un peu trop premier degré pour son propre bien, avec une volonté de passer un message qui empiète parfois sur le simple plaisir de fracasser du monstre pour amasser items et XP, Bastion reste toutefois une bonne surprise, un jeu attachant, joli, et plus riche qu'il n'y paraît de prime abord avec ses défis, ses divinités rancunières et son mode New Game + qui titilleront les amateurs de challenge.
DharnJul 20, 2011
Accessible et novateur, agréablement réalisé, Bastion fait partie de ces nouveaux jeux de rôle orientés action qui enchantent les amateurs du genre depuis quelques années sur le Xbox Live Arcade. Que ce soit pour son design coloré, sa narration en temps réel ou ses mécanismes de jeux efficaces, on aura tous une bonne raison de télécharger ce titre très rafraîchissant.
Pierre MaugeinAug 05, 2011
Regardé parfois du coin de l'oeil à cause de la hype un peu trop appuyée des jeux Summer of Arcade, Bastion est pourtant loin de coller à une simple revendication artistique ou à un jeu cryptique. Donnant un vrai plaisir de jeu, finalement assez simple, le jeu de SuperGiant Games apporte également un sens de la narration fascinant.
Davide PersianiJul 19, 2011
Grazie a un pregevole sistema di progressione, alle ottime meccaniche di gioco, e a una curva di apprendimento calibrata alla perfezione per tradursi in un'avventura gratificante e stimolante ma mai frustrante, Bastion saprà infatti soddisfare le aspettative di qualsiasi giocatore, sia esso casual o hardcore.
Viktor ErikssonJul 26, 2011
Så i fall du inte förstått det förrens nu, så är Bastion fantastiskt. Det lyckas vitalisera och aktuellisera en halvdöd subgenre bland rollspelen samtidigt som det lyckas vara nyskapande och roligt att spela hela vägen igen. Både första och andra gången. Det förtjänar utan omsvep att omnämnas i samma andetag som andra Xbox Live Arcade-storheter som Limbo eller Braid.