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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

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Andy RobinsonNov 11, 2008
Unique, enjoyable - if sometimes repetitive - spin-off for Rare's most beloved characters. Just remember it's not a platformer
Tom OrryNov 05, 2008
With spectacular presentation, highly entertaining Robot Wars style multiplayer and a lot of good hearted humour, the bear and bird are back. Comeback accomplished.
Game TrailersNov 14, 2008
It's too complicated for kids, and too convoluted for adults, If you're the creative type, you'll enjoy fiddling around with all the parts
Tom Mc SheaNov 21, 2008
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is a fantastically fun update to an aging formula. The easy vehicle-creation tool makes even the craziest ideas possible, and the missions let you exert your creative muscle in spectacular fashion. Aside from a few control quirks and frame-rate issues, N&B is a joy from beginning to end, providing a constant string of new parts and objectives to keep you entertained for a long time.
Total XboxNov 06, 2008
One of the year's best family games
Erik BrudvigNov 05, 2008
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is a game that never stopped being fun for me. It's an odd duck that doesn't fit into any conventional game genres and probably isn't right for everybody. Despite its friendly appearance, Nuts & Bolts isn't exactly easy to pick up and play and might be over the head of some small children.
Ashley DavisNov 25, 2008
I believe that this game can stand alongside the Viva Piñata series as a step in the right direction for Rare. But it still may not be for everyone, especially the fans of the older games who are dead-set on wanting a straight platformer out of this title. Regardless of how you feel about the game, give Nuts & Bolts a rent, and who knows -- you may end up purchasing the game with the desire to see it to the end, and then some.
Brad ShoemakerNov 19, 2008
I had no affection whatsoever for the Banjo-Kazooie franchise or characters going into Nuts & Bolts, but its list of great qualities quietly won me over to make it one of my favorite Xbox 360 games of the year.
Maria MontoroNov 11, 2008
All in all, Rare deserves an A for effort. However, this is one game that unfortunately won't reach the hearts of all gamers. It's difficult to determine who the intended audience of the title is, as it may be too difficult for kids and too colorful and bubbly for adults, as well as too far from the original Banjo Kazooie series to appeal to old fans.
Tom BramwellNov 05, 2008
The game it has become instead demands thoughtful, exciting challenges that inspire the player to pitch in and help get the most out of each level, but it fails to provide them, and even though it's worth persevering with for the occasional hurdles race, egg-and-spoon and a game-world in aptly Rare form, ultimately it's a brilliant shell with a mostly hollow centre.
Matt WalesNov 05, 2008
Ultimately, there's a great idea at the core of Nuts & Bolts and, from superb construction tools right through to lavish presentation, there are plenty of individual elements worthy of praise.
Ramón Méndez GonzálezNov 06, 2008
Eso sí, se trata de un mundo lleno de mucho sentido del humor, guiños constantes y grandes dosis de diversión; un universo de color con un gran multijugador que nos está esperando en uno de los títulos más innovadores del catálogo de la máquina de Microsoft.
Álvaro CastellanoNov 05, 2008
Banjo Kazooie, pese a su calidad, es un videojuego al que resulta muy complicado ubicar, especialmente por renunciar a buena parte del legado de las anteriores entregas. Su estética infantil enmascara una jugabilidad profunda y, en ocasiones, compleja, sobre todo en lo que hace referencia a montar nuestros propios vehículos.
DinowanNov 05, 2008
Surprenant mélange entre la structure d'un jeu de plates-formes et de véhicules, le titre de Rare se présente comme un jeu hors normes dans lequel il faudra fréquemment faire preuve d'une imagination complètement débridée afin de mettre au point l'appareil qui nous semble le plus approprié à l'accomplissement d'une mission. Et même s'il vous arrive de peiner sur quelques épreuves, l'univers barjot du jeu se chargera de vous garder face à l'écran.
Sérgio HenriquesDec 03, 2008
Se todo o conceito vos pareceu interessante, e conseguem já vislumbrar as horas que vão passar a aperfeiçoar projectos, não há dúvidas que este é um jogo essencial. Dito isto, não é uma experiência tão variada quanto seria de esperar, e o humor negro a roçar o infantil não agradará a todos.