Assassin's Creed III - The Infamy for Xbox 360
Xbox 360 - DLC

Assassin's Creed III - The Infamy

Feb 19, 2013

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This game requires the base game Assassin's Creed III to play.

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Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Content Rating: Mature


The Infamy is the first episode in the Tyranny of King Washington storyline. Following the revolution, Washington goes mad with power and rules as a tyrannical King. Connor awakes in this reality as Ratonhnhaké:ton – never having joined the Assassin order – and is greeted by his mother Kaniehtí:io, accepting a new mission to take down Washington. Acquire all-new skills to fend off this new threat to freedom. Live history as it never happened and ignite a new revolution!

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Daniel BloodworthFeb 21, 2013
Lasting about three hours, this $10 first act has a hard time standing on its own. Connor's spirit quest and wolf powers offer fun new gameplay concepts, but there's little to drive you off the beaten path, and so far, King Washington 's alternate timeline doesn't inspire a full three episode.
Blake PetersonFeb 21, 2013
The Infamy isn't a half-bad DLC entry, with a lot of side mission content; an engaging, if at times bizarre, alternate history story (though it's hardly the most incendiary or silly alternate account of Washington). However, the invisibility feature is so overpowered that it heavily removes the challenge, and the first hour is so linear that it begs to be more open world, with you being able to explore more during that section of the game. Still, The Infamy a strong first addition in this new, additional campaign.
Chris CarterFeb 20, 2013
All in all, The Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy is a little bit too dependent on the assumed purchase of the other two packs. With a cliffhanger ending, and memory fragments to collect across multiple episodes, it's clear that it will be much more poignant as a complete story. For now though, you're left with the decision to purchase just one, so you're better off seeing how the other two turn out first.

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