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Armored Core: Verdict Day

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New additions, like the UNACs, make the game's multiplayer war easier to stick with when you can't assemble a human crew, and the solo campaign is a decent offering despite its flaws. The mechs are the highlight here, but it's a real disappointment that ugly stages, an unintuitive interface, and repetitive missions mar a big portion of the fun that comes with tweaking these rad machines and sending them into battle.
Alexandra HallSep 24, 2013
...Armored Core: Verdict Day provides an enjoyable stage on which to both rock and sock ‘em.
Steve HannleySep 29, 2013
Playing Armored Core: Verdict Day almost feels like playing a sports game, as it’s marginally unchanged from the series’ last game and proves difficult for the uninitiated to jump in. Like most every entry in the series, this is a game reserved solely for hardcore Armored Core players who have been religiously playing since the franchise’s inception. An unintuitive interface, confusing story and an insanely high learning curve makes the game feel unwelcoming to new players.
Kathryn BaileySep 30, 2013
The campaign, expansive as it is, is also much less ambitious than the one found in vanilla Armored Core V. By and large, the missions are shorter, simpler, and smaller, the bulk of them relying on objectives like "Kill the AC" or "Destroy All Targets". There's a story in there somewhere, but it's even simpler than the one found in Armored Core V, which wasn't exactly Shakespeare.
Sergio MartínSep 27, 2013
From Software evoluciona la fórmula de juego establecida en la pasada edición ACV con un título con un claro enfoque online. Aquellos que disfruten con este tipo de propuestas encontrarán en este shooter un juego bastante correcto que puede deparar grandes momentos de diversión multijugador, si bien su campaña en solitario (sin ser mala) resulta bastante más monótona.