Armored Core V for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Armored Core V

Mar 20, 2012
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Developer: FromSoftware
Content Rating: Teen


The ravages of war & natural disasters have depleted natural resources, leaving mankind in peril. Dictatorship of Father reigns down on the scattered masses while the Resistance bravely fights for democracy. Wage fierce battles for control of territories using the most powerful weapons of war: Armored Core!

Critic Reviews

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Alexandra HallJun 24, 2012
In any case, once past the hump we hit phase two: excitement. Possibilities felt endless. We redoubled our efforts to level up both our team (a ragtag crew of fellow game journos, called Sign of Zeta) and our mech (a bipedal green gatling-gun affair known as Vile Breakfast) in order to take the post-apocalyptic world of AC5 by storm.
Jeff MarchiafavaMar 20, 2012
I think I spent more time customizing my mech than I did fighting in it, and the solid multiplayer support can't make up for the lack of variety. A dedicated team can make the experience worthwhile, but you should play AC V under those conditions or not at all.
Paul SemelMar 21, 2012
It also doesn’t help, as we mentioned, that some of the visuals are also annoying. ....