Alien Rage for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Alien Rage

Oct 18, 2013

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About this game

Developer: Ci GAMES
Content Rating: Mature


Alien Rage is an action-packed, hard-core first-person shooter that will have you facing off against armies of the nastiest Alien forces ever encountered. Battle beastly-sized bosses relentlessly attacking you from every direction, hell-bent on taking you down. Tons of powerful dual-mode weapons, 14 intense levels, massive shootouts, destructible environments and over-the-top fast paced gameplay.

Critic Reviews

6 Reviews
Alex RubensSep 27, 2013
Countless bugs and a brutally unnecessary difficulty curve help artificially lengthen the game’s four hour campaign, while simultaneously ruining any chance that Alien Rage had to be enjoyable. Even if you’re interested in games that are difficult for the sake of being difficult, you won’t fulfill those needs with this. I simply cannot recommend this game to anyone.
Sam NealNov 08, 2013
Alien Rage may have made a positive impact if it were released in 2007; ....
Jason MesserOct 21, 2013
I can say this honestly; I just didn’t have fun playing Alien Rage. I thought after the growing pains of the first few levels, the game and I would fall into our groove and things would improve.

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