Afro Samurai for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Afro Samurai

Jan 27, 2009
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Developer: Bandai Namco Studios
Content Rating: Mature


Follow Afro Samurai as he fights to become the number one warrior, a title currently held by Justice, the man who killed Afro's father when he was a child. The game follows the plot of the original series with added material and background for fans and new comers alike.

Critic Reviews

16 Reviews
Jonathan MarxJan 27, 2009
The simple action may get tiresome for those that don't put the time into learning the controls. Also, the game is quite short. Nevertheless, I had a blast cutting my way through, and have made this game part of my personal collection!
Kevin VanOrdJan 27, 2009
Its flaws are noticeable, but Afro Samurai is ultimately a lot of fun. It isn't the next action classic, but it embraces its subject matter with vigor and delivers equally dynamic combat in spades. You can squeeze a good seven hours of enjoyment out of the experience the first time around, and hidden items and ensuing unlockables may drive you to return, if the fun and ferocious combat isn't reason enough.
Brad NicholsonFeb 02, 2009
I wish there was more to Afro Samurai, but there isn’t much to sink your teeth into. The game feels 75% complete. The only shine that the game does have is within its visual flair and soundtrack -- two components that are nice to have, but should be the lesser concern of tight and well-rounded gameplay. It’s best to give this game a rent if you’re yearning for some blood.

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