Assassin's Creed Liberation HD for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

Jan 15, 2014
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Developer: Ubisoft Milan
Content Rating: Mature


The year is 1765. While the seeds of the American Revolution are being sewn in Boston and New York, Spanish forces in the South plot to seize control of Louisiana for the Templars, threatening to forever shift the balance of power in the New World. As Templars secretly take hold of the slave trade in New Orleans, Aveline de Grandpré, an assassin of mixed French and African heritage, stands ready to defend her people. She soon finds herself on an unforgettable journey that will take her from the crowded streets of New Orleans to voodoo-haunted swamps and ancient Mayan ruins. Whether eliminating her enemies with new assassination skills or luring them into cunning traps, Aveline strikes mortal fear into the hearts of those who would stand against freedom.

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Ömer Bilimen

Ömer Bilimen

Dec 18, 2020

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Jim HargreavesJan 21, 2014
Even with a one-year gap between them, there are enough similarities between Liberation and Black Flag to recommend the former. It’s certainly not the best game in the franchise though does open up yet another chapter in the Assassin’s Creed saga. Still, those who have become particularly attached to Black Flag may find it hard to hoist up their sails and touch down in New Orleans.
Ben GriffinJan 15, 2014
More focused and stealthy than its big brothers, but this HD handheld port suffers in the jump to consoles
Alaina YeeJan 28, 2014
Instead, this somewhat-confusing adventure gets you to love it, and then leaves you yearning for more.