ZombiU for Nintendo Wii U
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Nov 18, 2012
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It has been foretold that the world as you know it will end in 2012… London is falling! Are YOU prepared? For the second time in history, a great plague has descended upon London, infecting the human race with a deadly disease. Big Ben tolls as hundreds upon thousands of the unprepared die or are infected by a sickness worse than death... You are still breathing, for now. But how long will you survive in the labyrinth of London streets and underground as the infected close in around you? The horrifying remains of humanity ravaged by the foul disease shuffle through the streets, waiting to prey on your living flesh at every turn!

Critic Reviews

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Steve HannleyNov 21, 2012
Unfortunately, design flaws and unforgiving difficulty lead to frequent moments of annoyance that detract from the unnerving atmosphere. If just a few nagging flaws would have been corrected, ZombiU could have been a revelation for the floundering genre. Still, with top-notch graphics, a huge world and great exploration elements in play, it remains a must-buy for the console for those with the patience to see it through.
Maxwell McGeeNov 18, 2012
ZombiU no doubt benefited from its iconic approach . It's easier for a zombie game to stand out on a system that has very few games focused on horror, survival, the undead, or even first-person shooting. With the jump to other platforms, Zombi is going toe-to-toe with a lot of other games that could appeal to the same audience.
GREG MILLERNov 18, 2012
Controls are clunky, melee combat is annoying, and the game doesn’t look good. There’s fun to be had here as it’s challenging to see how long you can go before succumbing to a biter, but there are so many better zombie games out there that ZombiU really doesn’t demand anyone’s attention.

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