Unepic for Nintendo Wii U
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Jan 16, 2014

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Developer: Enjoyup Games
Content Rating: Teen


Unepic is a mixture of platform game, role game and joke that takes place in a huge castle of medieval fantasy. It is set in the eighty's style, but completed with the most actual features. The hero is called Daniel, a normal guy from today: great videogame player, big lover of sci-fi movies and novice player of role games. In the middle of a role game with his friends, he is teleported to a castle and he thinks that he is having a massive hallucination. So he decides to run his own adventure until the hallucination ends.

Critic Reviews

15 Reviews
Scott ThompsonFeb 04, 2014
Unepic is an unabashed homage to classic 8-bit adventure and role-playing games. Its sharp wit and bevy of nerd-culture references offset the frustration that arises from an unrelentingly challenging dungeon crawler. Uneven character balance and some exploitable enemy AI limit the ways you can play enjoyably, but there are still rewards to be found in the careful exploration of the sprawling castle.
Tim LatshawJan 19, 2014
With much to explore and so many ways of storming the castle’s inhabitants, Unepic is a fun and well-designed challenge for those who enjoy platformers and yon hefty olde RPG feel. Its tight and rewarding core makes it a quest that can be enjoyed along with, or even in spite of, its cheekier sense of humour.
Ashley KingFeb 13, 2014
Overall, if you’re looking for a humorous dungeon crawler with a unique feel to the weapons and a unique brand of humor, Unepic serves quite well. There are quite a few boss encounters in the game to keep you entertained and the dialogue and humor are second to none compared to other eShop releases. For RPG fans who have been dying for an experience on the Wii U outside of Monster Hunter, definitely try Unepic.

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