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Jose OteroSep 17, 2013
As a returning fan, I couldn’t have asked for much of a better treatment. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD holds up as a marvelous game full of unique and wonderful surprises that remind me why it’s the best of the 3D Zeldas. If you’ve never braved this amazing seafaring adventure, the Wii U version offers the definitive way to experience a story that’s both charming and elegant.
Martin GastonSep 17, 2013
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is a loving restoration of a bold and beautiful adventure, with Nintendo shifting some elements of the original game's aesthetic, and streamlining the pace where it had occasionally sagged. The Wind Waker is a game about a young hero saving the world from the past actions of old men, but its HD update reaffirms that Nintendo's most colorful Zelda game remains timeless.
Alex DonaldsonSep 30, 2013
Wind Waker's story is unchanged, but is still effective. One of the most sharply-focused iterations of Link joins forces with a capable Zelda against a Ganondorf whose motivation is so well-drawn that one might actually feel a shred of sympathy for him - all set against the backdrop of one of the best and most different iterations of Hyrule.
Jennifer DingleSep 28, 2013
It is everything I could have hoped for in a remake as it has gameplay that doesn’t feel dated, it has spectacular HD graphics, it improves most of the problems from the original, and it incorporates fantastic use of the Wii U GamePad. Other than a few frame rate issues I find very little fault with this game as it feels almost perfect, which is why I highly recommend Wind Waker HD to any Wii U owner and Zelda fan alike.
Dan RyckertOct 04, 2013
Every change Nintendo has made to this game is smart and serves a purpose, and I envy anyone that gets to experience The Wind Waker for the first time via this remake. It takes everything that made the original a classic and greatly improves on its visuals and quality of play. If you’re a fan of classic remakes, you can’t ask for much more.
Jim SterlingSep 18, 2013
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker suffers from some archaic mechanics, its fundamentals not having aged quite so gracefully as its aesthetics. Its unwieldiness and occasional sluggish pace can, in fact, grow temporarily infuriating. However, the streamlined menu system and map access go some way toward making up for any setbacks, while the unmistakable Wind Waker charisma ensures you won't ever stay mad at it for long.
Neal RonaghanSep 18, 2013
Wind Waker HD is an excellent remake of an awesome game. It takes the best and worst parts of the experience and makes them both better. It makes a game that is already spectacular and improves on it. That’s not an easy feat, but Nintendo’s first HD remake sticks the landing so well that you’ll leave it wanting them to do remakes in this vein for every one of their classic games.
Andrew FitchSep 18, 2013
And once the game removes the artificial barriers a few hours in and just lets you explore, The Wind Waker truly shines. It’s no accident that after its initial lukewarm reception, fans pined for the expressive visuals and distinct gameplay found here. ...If you’ve played it before, it’s still a joy to experience again with the enhancements, and if you’ve never given the game a shot, this is definitely the version to go with. It’s one Zelda game that every fan should play to completion, in spite of the flaws.
Lawrence SonntagOct 14, 2013
It’s incredibly telling that all Wind Waker needs is an HD spit-shine to belong in 2013.
Daniel CairnsSep 17, 2013
This isn't 2004 anymore, however, and refinements have been made. The touchpad helps a lot, obviously. The constant faffing about through your item inventory is all but dispelled, as a quick flick of your Wii U Gamepad sees you equip something else in a flash.
Mike MinottiSep 18, 2013
The Wind Waker was a great game. In 2013, it still is. Its charming world, excellent design, and beautiful art have helped make it an ageless adventure that stands as the pinnacle of its franchise. This HD version not only makes everything look sharper than before, but the new additions and features make for an even more enjoyable experience without tarnishing the spirit of the original. Simply put, The Wind Waker HD makes one of Nintendo’s greatest games even better.
Jenni LadaSep 18, 2013
It's a touching and awe-inspiring journey. While playing, I marveled at things I normally don't pay attention to in games, such as the way light and shadows played off of Link and his enemies in battles, or the way the wind made little things, such as flags or windmills, come to life.
Danielle RiendeauSep 18, 2013
I whiled dozens of hours away on the great ocean in the original GameCube release, and happily spent even longer with this prettier, better-paced iteration. That Wind Waker HD only needs a few minor tweaks to feel fully modern proves its lasting appeal — and to capture a feeling of adventure, like a kid in a world of endless possibility.
Jeremy ParishSep 18, 2013
In many ways, Wind Waker represents a high point for the Zelda series. Its tremendous world, lovely art, amazing combat, and welcome new featuress have yet to be surpassed by its sequels. For my money, Wind Waker is Zelda at its best. But this time, it's even better than before.
Anthony SeverinoOct 07, 2013
Anyone who has played it will enjoy the updated visuals and the chance to relive the charming tale of the Hero of Wind. But for anyone yet to pick up a Wii U, Wind Waker HD just isn’t enough on its own to help the tough sell that the Wii U is at the moment. It’s no system seller, but instead an excellent addition to the existing Wii U owner’s library—whether you’ve played it already or not.
Now GamerSep 17, 2013
These new changes might be jarring for diehard Wind Waker fans, but ultimately it is for the best of the game. Nintendo has created a smoother experience, and it shows. It’s a brave move to delve into the mechanics of a classic, but Nintendo was right to do so. These changes can easily be forgiven, and as a result Nintendo has created a masterful recreation of one of its most cherished games of yesteryear.
ScrewAttack!Oct 11, 2013
Michael DamianiSep 17, 2013
Though it’s difficult to overlook these flaws, The Wind Waker HD still makes for a solid game and an enjoyable experience.
Martin WattsSep 18, 2013
Nintendo has done a valiant job of breathing new life into what was already an exceptional Legend of Zelda title. It has taken the game’s timeless art style and given it a glorious new sheen thanks to HD technology, while also making an extensive amount of worthwhile improvements to previously flawed aspects of the gameplay.
Henry GilbertOct 24, 2013
Wind Waker HD is proof that the 3D Zelda formula peaked on the GameCube and has yet to truly be improved upon. While players wait for a new Legend of Zelda that utilizes all the special abilities of the Wii U, this HD remake is the best version of the best Zelda game to date. And here’s hoping that returning to Wind Waker gave Nintendo the inspiration to one day top it.
Jorge Ba-ohSep 24, 2013
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD proves how timeless Nintendo titles are. Enhanced, revised and revisited, the game is certainly one to explore again or for the first time on Nintendo Wii U. There are aspects that could have been improved, and opportunities perhaps not taken, but this version certainly lives up to the Legend of Zelda name and is a strong contender for a magical adventure in the living room.
Oli WelshSep 17, 2013
That's not a fitting fate for this Zelda and certainly not for this Link, with all his vivid urgency. It's why we need excellent re-releases like this. Just like its young hero, The Wind Waker is crisp and energetic, spirited and soulful, just a little bit wayward - and it hasn't aged a day.
Matthew CastleOct 03, 2013
This is The Wind Waker restored, reappraised, reupholstered, reborn... altogether, rather remarkable.
Brent GaliettiSep 24, 2013
Having played Wind Waker HD, I can safely say this was the right Zelda title to remake. Not only is the game even more beautiful than it once was, but they have managed to make simple yet amazing improvements that make this game even better than it was a decade ago. Some will even argue that these changes make Wind Waker the best in the series and I wouldn't find anything wrong with that opinion. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD takes what was already a classic and makes it an amazing experience that everyone needs to play, even if it means buying a Wii U for the first time.
Phil BrownOct 18, 2013
Perhaps predictably, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is both one of the finest titles on the Wii U and one of the most disposable
Borja PavonJan 10, 2013
Wind Waker HD mantiene su espíritu intacto, y como Link, nos conecta con ese héroe ávido de mundos nuevos que seguimos guardando en algún lugar de nuestro interior. Es, en definitiva, una odisea brillante y emotiva repleta de momentos memorables que quedan grabados a fuego en la memoria del jugador, y que seguirá siendo igual de válida dentro de diez años.
Alonso ZamoraSep 28, 2013
Wind Waker es, en cierto modo, la visión particular del espíritu de este marionetista y amante del libro La Isla del Tesoro sobre la saga Zelda, y como tal tiene aciertos inmensos y desigualdades desafortunadas. No es un juego de elevadas alturas épicas, sino de pequeñas visiones llenas de magia y esplendor, colmadas de nostalgia. Es, sobre todo, un título lleno de encanto, y, como dijo Robert Louis Stevenson, autor de La Isla del Tesoro, el encanto es la virtud sin la cual todas las demás virtudes son inútiles.
Jesús BellaSep 30, 2013
Su jugabilidad basada en recorrer el mar sigue siendo gratificante, su apartado visual una auténtica delicia y su variedad una de las mejores en toda la historia de Zelda. Todos los cambios introducidos por Nintendo han sido para mejorar un título que necesitaba poco para brillar en su mágica propuesta zeldera. Imprescindible para los que nunca lo hubieran jugado y una bella curiosidad para aquellos que lo completaran hace ya una década.
Salva FernándezSep 30, 2013
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD hereda la grandeza de uno de los grandes títulos de la saga Zelda y de Gamecube añadiendo diversas mejoras importantes: a nivel audiovisual el cambio no es una mera actualización a la alta definición, sino que se ha potenciado absolutamente todo.
Jörg LuiblOct 11, 2013
Wer dieses The Legend of Wind Waker vom GameCube kennt und auf Wii U neu startet, dürfte angesichts der zauberhaften Visualisierung begeistert sein. Und hier bekommt man auch hinsichtlich des Spieldesigns endlich wieder ausgezeichnete Qualität für Wii U - wir haben bisher nur einmal Platin für Nintendos neue Konsole gezückt.
Björn BalgSep 20, 2013
Solltet ihr das Original besitzen, benötigt ihr diese Fassung nicht. Vor allem braucht ihr dafür keine Konsole kaufen. Es handelt sich immer noch um das gleiche, fantastische Spiel, das für eines der besten Jahre des GameCubes sorgte. Und genau deswegen sollten Neulinge nun zuschlagen. Ein wenig beneide ich euch. Denn ich kann es nie wieder zum ersten Mal erleben. Verpasst eure Chance nicht!
Laurely BirbaOct 04, 2013
La réalisation est flamboyante, la prise en main au GamePad efficace, et les petites retouches astucieuses. Seule ombre au tableau : ces satanés ralentissements qui donneront du grain à moudre aux mauvaises langues. Mais le constat est sans appel : quand Nintendo fait des remakes, il les fait rarement avec les pieds. Ce qui n’est pas forcément le cas de tout le monde.
boulapoireSep 18, 2013
S'offrir une seconde vie, c'est le rêve de beaucoup de joueurs mais aussi de beaucoup de jeux. The Wind Waker n'a jamais été le meilleur Zelda et il ne le deviendra pas avec les maigres changements opérés sur Wii U. C'est en revanche un très bon jeu dont l'aura et la beauté sont restées intactes dix ans après, véritable pied de nez à la recherche d'une technologie chaque jour un peu plus dépassée.
Yann BernardSep 18, 2013
Pourtant, son style épuré s'exprime de façon encore plus éclatante en haute définition, grâce l'usage discret d'effets sophistiqués. Le gameplay n'a pas non plus vieilli, il demeure même d'une efficacité redoutable, bien que certaines mécaniques semblent un peu rouillées, en raison du relatif manque d'outils flambant neufs. Car toute l'ambition de Wind Waker réside dans son univers immense et la liberté qu'offre la myriade d'îles qui le composent.
RomendilSep 18, 2013
Loin d'être un simple portage HD, ce remake de The Wind Waker a clairement été conçu dans la même optique que la refonte d'Ocarina of Time sur 3DS : transcender le jeu d'origine pour permettre aux nouvelles générations de le découvrir dans les meilleures conditions possibles.
Vítor AlexandreSep 17, 2013
Embora sem apresentar novos conteúdos, Wind Waker HD chega à Wii U após um restauro que coloca o jogo num plano que nada fica a dever às produções da actual geração, sendo por isso uma surpresa menor para quem jogou o original.
Tiago MarafonaSep 17, 2013
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD é um jogo a pensar nos fãs e naqueles que duvidaram do seu potencial quando surgiu na GameCube. Aqui está um trabalho bem feito, graficamente soberbo, preparado para aguentar mais uma série de anos e não acusar envelhecimento. A jogabilidade foi revista e alguns dos aspectos negativos do primeiro título foram correctamente substituídos.
Filippo FacchettiSep 18, 2013
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD è un gioiello del passato restaurato alla perfezione e ulteriormente impreziosito dalla collaborazione tra Nintendo e i suoi fan. Se pensate che il remake di un gioco uscito 10 anni fa non sia abbastanza per rendere appetibile l'acquisto di una console vi invitiamo caldamente a rileggere con attenzione questa recensione, a gustarvi qualche filmato e a riordinare le idee.
Mattia RavanelliSep 18, 2013
In generale, però, la compattezza e la precisione nel ritmo di Ocarina of Time (e, in parte, anche di Twilight Princess) non vengono replicate in The Wind Waker.
Tom BoshouwersSep 23, 2013
Eigenlijk kunnen we wel zeggen dat The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD beter is dan de originele game. De toevoegingen en verbeteringen zorgen voor een vlottere ervaring terwijl het wel het magische gevoel behoudt. Dit maakt de game geschikt voor iedereen, of je The Wind Waker al eens gespeeld hebt of niet.
Jasper SegersSep 20, 2013
Het is dan wel geen gloednieuwe game, maar hij voelt nog steeds vers en hedendaags aan. De wereld is nog nooit zo klaar geweest voor The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, en nu is er dan ook geen enkele reden meer om 'm niet te spelen.
Jonas MäkiSep 20, 2013
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker är fortfarande ett av mina favoritspel i serien och det är nästan lika underhållande än idag som när det släpptes. En del saker har dock åldrats något och det som lagts till räcker inte för att kompensera det fullt ut. Därmed blir Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD inte den fullpottare det hade potentialen att bli, men fortfarande ett absolut givet inslag i varje Wii U-samling av rang.
David WahlströmOct 01, 2013
Nintendo har med varsam hand putsat till ett mästerligt äventyr och gjort det ännu bättre än tidigare. Resultatet är min favoritdel i Zelda-serien och ett av de bästa spel som gjorts.