Sing Party for Nintendo Wii U
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Sing Party

Nov 18, 2012
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Developer: FreeStyleGames
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Wii U SiNG Party w/Wii U Microphone. Instead of staring at the TV, grab the Wii U GamePad and face an audience of your friends and family to get them singing and dancing in a one-of-a-kind game! SiNG PARTY transforms your living room into a concert setting were everyone is a part of the action! Whether you?re singing at the top of your lungs, or swaying to the beat in the back of the room, the vibe is infectious, and all you have to do is let go and enjoy the music! In addition to the party atmosphere being created in ?Party? mode, players can also use the real-time feedback and test their vocal prowess in ?Sing? mode, or try singing in Team mode to battle for performance supremacy in a game show-like environment!

Critic Reviews

7 Reviews
Britton PeeleNov 19, 2012
As the name implies, the game is best in a group setting, because a lack of online features and compelling single-player progression hampers the experience alone. It doesn't make the case for Wii U doing things that are impossible otherwise, but it's a well-made karaoke game that is fun with friends.
Andrew HaywardAug 13, 2013
For living room loners, Sing Party might not seem worth a fuss, as the solo play more or less maintains what we've seen in earlier crooning affairs. But for those willing to command a room, the little nudges offered towards group interaction are a welcome addition--optional as they may be--and the interplay between the GamePad and the TV makes a faded genre feel just a bit more vibrant.
Jennifer DingleDec 01, 2012
If you are looking for a fun party game to play on your new Wii U, this is not it. SiNG Party serves its purpose as a functional, no frills karaoke game, that could be fun with a large group of people. That being said, without any online features, and only a few game modes that are tiresome and confusing at times, the fun fades fast, and there really is not any lasting appeal.

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