Pikmin 3 for Nintendo Wii U
Wii U

Pikmin 3

Aug 4, 2013

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Developer: Nintendo
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Mission: Save the planet! Three brave explorers—Alph, Brittany, and Charlie—embark on an all-important mission. Their goal: To gather the food needed to save their depleted home planet, Koppai. Their best hope is PNF-404, a lush green planet far from home. But when they finally arrive, something goes terribly wrong. The explorers make a crash landing and get separated. Can they find each other and repair their trusty spaceship, the S.S. Drake?
How will they survive on this strange new world? And how will they complete their mission—and save their planet?

Critic Reviews

33 Reviews
Alex NavarroAug 14, 2013
For these reasons, Pikmin 3 is an easy recommendation for any Wii U owner, and not just for lack of available games as of this writing. Even with a stronger library of competing titles, Pikmin 3 would stand out due to the sheer craft and attention to detail paid to each aspect of its design.
Alex SeedhouseJul 22, 2013
Miyamoto has said that his vision has finally been realised in Pikmin 3, and there’s much that can be found to support that claim. As the Wii U firmly sets its sights on a resurgence, Pikmin 3 delivers an action-strategy experience like no other. And at a time where many complain that Nintendo isn’t investing in new IP, it serves as a reminder to the fresh breeze of creativity that can be achieved when they do.
Jeremy ParishAug 01, 2013
Right now, Pikmin 3 is the single best piece of software on Wii U. I don't think it's a system seller by any means -- it's a light strategy game about controlling chirpy carrot-men, after all -- but anyone who owns a Wii U should give it a try. I went from being cooly disinterested in Pikmin 3 to completely smitten in the course of an afternoon. It's one of those games in which everything comes together just right. Olimar would be proud.

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