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High Strangeness

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Dylan NewcomeMay 14, 2015
High Strangeness is a well constructed game which does a lot of things right with regards to its core mechanics and presentation. Unfortunately the implementation of its main hook is somewhat lackluster, and the game is really a bit short given the asking price. However, a great deal of love has gone into crafting this retro homage. Players who love good old fashioned adventure games won't be disappointed if they give High Strangeness a chance.
Danny SayaMay 08, 2015
Perhaps if the game was stretched out to flesh out some thin plot points, or expanding on the almost non-existent world, the game would hold up better. As it stands though, High Strangeness feels like a game that was built around a novel idea and hurried to completion.
Albert LichiMay 15, 2015
It is a massive tease of ideas and possibilities that are sadly wasted, never properly fulfilled, likely leaving gamers feeling very hungry. Steven Jenkins does have some interesting ideas and he really should continue developing more because High Strangeness does show promise. Perhaps with a bit more careful planning and more focused management, he can deliver a game that satisfies all his narrative goals, since this seems surprisingly rushed.
Shawn LongMay 13, 2015
High Strangeness was a game I wanted to love, but I ended up just liking it. The fantastic score and solid visuals can’t make up for the short experience and that is quite the shame because what is there is really solid. If a sequel is ever considered, I would hope the developers would consider making a longer voyage. Fans of retro RPGs and Action-RPGs will find enjoyment here, but just don’t expect it to last very long.
RomendilMay 16, 2015
En dépit de son concept audacieux et de son déroulement plaisant qui font que l'on dévore le jeu d'une seule traite sans se forcer, High Strangeness manque un peu de consistance et aurait gagné à proposer des bonus de fin de partie susceptibles de booster davantage son challenge et sa durée de vie. Une curiosité à découvrir surtout si vous cherchez un jeu typé rétro qui sort un peu de l'ordinaire.
Fábio PereiraJun 14, 2015
High Strangeness é um jogo claramente feito por um estúdio independente. Tem uma apresentação que o coloca perto das aventuras gratuitas feitas por jogadores em programas como o RPG Maker e distribuídas pela internet. Isto pode afastar alguns jogadores e o criador riposta com uma história surreal mas bem sequenciada e uma progressão eficaz.