Earthlock: Festival of Magic for Nintendo Wii U
Wii U

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Sep 14, 2017
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Developer: Snowcastle Games
Content Rating: Teen


Long ago, a cataclysmic event struck the magical world of Umbra. Suddenly and mysteriously the planet stopped spinning. Volcanoes awoke and oceans moved. Kingdoms and civilizations were buried or drowned. Soon, the scourging sun took hold of one side of the world, while dark winter seized the other. Today the glory and might of the old world is buried and the only habitable region can be found in between.

The evidence of Umbra’s past lies scattered about as ruins, treasures and artifacts. In the new world, rebuilt but far from as advanced as the old one, archaeologists and scavengers supply the rich and powerful with ancient technology and magical artifacts exhumed from ice, sea and sand. It is a world divided by those who dabble in magic and those who tinker with technology.

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Kaelyn DaughertyOct 11, 2017
While Earthlock is very late to the Wiixa0U party, I still think itu2019s a good game that fans of old-skool, final fantasy type RPGs can appreciate. It does lack replayability and content, butxa0it looks great and is well worth the $15 price tag.
Valentino CinefraFeb 06, 2017
Earthlock: Festival of Magic è un JRPG molto classico, e il problema forse è proprio questo. Esibisce i pregi nostalgici ma gli altrettanto atavici difetti del genere di vent’anni fa. Non aiuta la fruizione neanche il ritmo soporifero del titolo, per narrazione e situazioni di gioco. Della fatica di Snowcastle Games apprezziamo l’estetica non originale ma almeno curata – cosa che non è possibile dire per tutte le produzioni indipendenti – e il sistema di combattimento con i suoi guizzi che, forse, potrebbe affascinare i fan nostalgici del genere.

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