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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

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Marty SlivaDec 01, 2014
Treasure Tracker takes the core concept of Captain Toad and runs wild with it. It’s a smart, adorable puzzle game that presents some awesome locales and really rewards you for taking the time to unpack them. Despite the control issues and menu problems, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker proves that you can still be great without being Super.
ProJaredDec 07, 2014
Danny CowanDec 01, 2014
I'd initially judged Treasure Tracker as a pleasant but temporary distraction, but I continued playing even after I'd completed every level, and I'm still working on rounding up the collectibles I missed the first time around. Treasure Tracker may be small in stature, but it's packed with depth and detail. It's not unlike Toad himself, really. He's a little guy, but he'll surprise you. After all, he's the best.
Chris CarterDec 01, 2014
Captain Toad is an experience that doesn't attempt to really wow you, but instead delivers consistent puzzle experiences at a rapid pace. There's more Nintendo could have done with it, but it is a puzzler in its purest form, and that will be more than enough for people who wanted more of the titular hero after playing the bonus games in 3D World.
Kevin SanchezDec 09, 2014
I highly recommend this game for casual players and Nintendo fans alike. It’s a title that shouldn’t be brushed over this holiday season. My only real qualm here is that it feels more like a $30 game than a $40 one, so for those who are on the fence you may want to wait for a price drop.
Dan RyckertDec 01, 2014
The Captain Toad stages were nice changes of pace in the otherwise action-packed 3D World, but the novelty does wear thin quicker when you’re playing through a constant stream of them. Treasure Tracker is a charming game, but might disappoint some if they drop $40 expecting something more ambitious or substantial. If you know what you’re getting into and you’re alright with spending the money, there’s plenty of fun to be had on Captain Toad’s adventure.
Dominic LeightonDec 01, 2014
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is a game of small joys, lovingly compiled by master games makers. Smaller in scope than many of the titles in the Mario universe, the focus with which it has been constructed has meant it retains a purity sorely lacking in many modern games.
Alex EverattJul 16, 2018
The two-player option feels a bit tacked on and could have been far better – even if player one could use the Pro Controller and retain control of the camera while player 2 just manned the turnip gun – that would have made for a more enjoyable co-op experience (think: Super Mario Galaxy co-op). Bottom line, if you’ve never played it before – buy it. It’s a short game, but very fun. If you’ve owned the Wii U version, just know that this is a pretty minimal upgrade over the original.
Jim SterlingDec 01, 2014
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker isn’t going to blow minds with its humble presentation and laid back puzzling, but it’s still got plenty of imagination and some really sagacious architecture in its level structure. There are moments that tread water, but overall this is a smart puzzler that ought to appeal to most folks. You can’t really say fairer than that.
Matt WalkerDec 05, 2014
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a lot for the price. It’s a value game, and it’s just a fun little title for everyone. ...Admittedly I was not looking forward to this title when it came across my desk, but I am really happy that I sat down with it. If you are looking for a last minute gift idea for your Nintendo enthusiast, this is one to get.
Andy RobinsonDec 01, 2014
The majority of Treasure Tracker's levels, though well designed, feature gameplay revolving around established mechanics such as the Double Cherry, boost pads, projectile-lobbing Spikes and more, which sadly leaves the overall package with the feel of an expansion pack. An expansion pack that boasts more charm and appeal than most, but from the maker of some of the best 3D platformers of all time, we can't help but feel a little bit disappointed.
Ben ReevesDec 01, 2014
Toad doesn’t jump, he doesn’t attack, and he doesn’t make use of any power ups and yet Nintendo extracts more entertainment from this character’s simple gameplay concepts than I thought possible. Mario isn’t featured in this title, but Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker shares the same creative spark that so often fuels games bearing the Mario name.
John ZaccariDec 22, 2014
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker shines because it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of gaming skill. The simple mechanics and slow pace of the game make it perfect for those new to console gaming. If you have someone in your life who maybe plays Angry Birds, Flappy Bird or whatever other bird is the word these days, but is hesitant to get into console gaming, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a great link between those worlds.
Dermot CreeganDec 09, 2014
The beauty of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is that it never fails to be cute, clever and ever so slightly challenging all at once. ...It borrows the best elements of modern Mario games and combines them with fresh puzzles and boatloads of charm, a formula that ultimately produces an extremely competent standalone title. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a delightful experience, and acts as a reminder that sometimes a simple change of perspective is all you need to succeed.
Jennifer DingleDec 01, 2014
While I highly recommend it, you don’t need to play Super Mario 3D World to fully enjoy Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker as it truly stands out as it’s own game. With addictive 3D puzzles that will certainly challenge the long time Mario fan and bright, colourful graphics and cute characters that will surely appeal to the young ones, there’s something to offer for all audiences.
Daniel BischoffDec 02, 2014
A game that challenges the mind like Treasure Tracker doesn’t come around all that often and for that the Wii U console carves out another experience with childlike wonder as the objective, rather than the aesthetic.
Jeremy ParishDec 01, 2014
Treasure Tracker may be relatively budget-priced, but it doesn't feel like a cheap, throwaway creation. Every inch of its nearly 100 stages and bonus levels has been buffed to a spit-shine finish, and the Nintendo content factory has produced dozens of one-of-a-kind stage concepts to explore here. Alternately a test of observation, reflex, planning, and deduction, Captain Toad's first standalone title (of assuredly many) demonstrates that spinoffs don't have to feel phoned in... and that there's room in gaming to give top-class love and attention to family-friendly creations, too.
Ken McKownDec 19, 2014
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a marvelous puzzle game that stretches its initial value well beyond what I had anticipated. It will take players a hefty amount of time to master it all, and the game does a fantastic job of making you want to see and do everything. It is rare for a puzzle game to see this kind of release, and especially one of this quality.
Steve WattsDec 01, 2014
Top to bottom, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a delightful little treat of a game. It shows a purity of puzzle design that few studios can match, and it wraps it all in a sugary-sweet presentation that only the most jaded could refuse. With a game this good, Captain Toad may just be Nintendo's next breakout star.
Michael DamianiDec 02, 2014
Captain Toad might seem overly simplistic at first glance, but there’s so much more here than expected. It’s a rewarding game that constantly revs up the creativity and challenge to keep you addicted while also throwing in a decent amount of extras to bring you back for seconds. It’s charming presentation and clever puzzles give it a special touch that sets it above other similar games. And frankly, there’s little else out there that’s like Captain Toad.
Kyle HansonDec 10, 2014
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a great expansion on the concept of the mini-games from Super Mario 3D World. Unfortunately, despite a lower starting price it never offers enough new elements to become truly great. You'll still enjoy every second you spend in this bright and colorful world though.
Andrew FitchDec 01, 2014
The (perhaps foolishly) brave fungal explorer makes a welcome return in a full-fledged game inspired by his six bite-sized adventures in Super Mario 3D World. While Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker certainly succeeds brilliantly in most of its puzzle-platforming endeavors, it does feel slightly short in the end, and a fussy camera can sabotage sequences that require quick actions and quick decisions.
Arthur GiesDec 01, 2014
But I couldn't stay annoyed for long, in part because of Captain Toad and Toadette's outrageous cuteness. Despite starting with an increasingly tired and trademarked Nintendo Damsel-in-Distress Setup — which, admittedly, the game plays with a bit — Captain Toad isn't about a story, really. ...And this is when Captain Toad is the most fun — when there's as little friction as possible between you and exploring and unlocking each level's secrets.
Alex SeedhouseDec 01, 2014
For me, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a reminder of why we all fell in love with Nintendo. Bursting with personality from every pixel, this puzzle-offering exemplifies their unique approach to game development in continually exploring new experiences to excite and often surprise their audience. In that they succeed once again, rounding off what has been an amazingly consistent year for their talented teams.
Alex LangleyDec 12, 2014
Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker is a joyous experience in an age where many games go for the grim. This low-cost, high-value puzzler’s packed full of sweet characters, delightful visuals, and its multi-objective level design lets nubile gamers feel accomplished at simply beating a stage while still leaving some nice challenge for the more hardcore among us. If you own a Wii U, you absolutely owe it to yourself to pick up Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker.
Peter BrownDec 01, 2014
It has the right mix of atmosphere and challenging puzzles to keep you engaged, and it's a great experiment within the larger Mario universe. It may have started out as a minigame, but with its original take on the Toad character and a large number of enjoyably tricky puzzles, it's great to see it in the spotlight it so truly deserves.
Thomas WhiteheadDec 01, 2014
The GamePad is utilised just enough to be worthwhile without being a nuisance, and the only mis-step is that the difficulty later in the game can't be eased by assistance from a friend, parent or game-savvy son or daughter. That aside, it's relentlessly charming and joyous, and is another example of Nintendo's developers flexing their creative muscles along with game-making skill. There's nothing else like this on Wii U, and it's a welcome addition to the system's growing library.
Lance LieblDec 01, 2014
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a wonderful puzzle game with cute visuals that’s accessible to everyone. There’s a lot of replay value in each of the tricky, trap-filled stages. There’s an excellent mix of timing, patterns and cognitive thought to the stages, and things get shaken up with some alternative levels -- like an on-rails shooter. It’s definitely an enjoyment to play and a nice pick-up for puzze fans.
Bret PhippsDec 01, 2014
If you're looking for an adventure or story like you'd find in 3D Mario games, you're best to alter your expectations before you get going, as you're essentially plonked into the world and given less reason than an F student's physics paper.
Matthew CastleDec 01, 2014
While it's good to see Nintendo stepping out of its Mario comfort zone, Captain Toad just isn't versatile enough to compete in the big leagues. What would be a budget eShop no-brainer is a little too slight at a higher price.
Oli WelshDec 23, 2014
Perhaps aiming to satisfy a younger audience, Treasure Tracker prefers to drop in a colourful boss-fight or format-breaking set-piece than to push the puzzle designs as hard as they can go. Solving most of these levels is more a matter of following your nose than exercising your brain. Captain Toad also doesn't achieve as reliably perfect a synthesis of puzzle and platforming as Game Boy Donkey Kong did, occasionally failing to fully scratch either itch - though at other times it finds something truly original in the space between them.
Adam CookDec 01, 2014
Treasure Tracker does enough to justify its existence, offering up a short campaign that, once finished, offers scant reason to come back again unless you’re in love with it. It’s a gorgeous game, as you’d expect, and for the entire run-time it’s fun, delivering that visual flair and level design that it seems only Nintendo are truly capable of providing.
David CaballeroDec 01, 2014
This game doesn't make us as excited or enthusiastic as with a great Mario adventure, but neither is it intended to. It's Toad, his world is simpler, his ambition is more humble and the price has been adjusted to reflect this fact. ...It is a more relaxed and conceptual delight for genre lovers, ideal for sharing with friends on cold winter evenings. It's the best debut of a Mario-universe character since Luigi's Mansion and the best way to start the new year with a Wii U.
Phil BrownDec 02, 2014
In practice, Defenders of Time is no more and no less the same game as advertised – a bigger, prettier mobile addiction on my laptop and nothing but.
Jesús BellaDec 23, 2014
En Captain Toad buscamos gemas, pero lo que de verdad es un tesoro es el videojuego en sí. Nintendo saluda al nuevo año con un resumen de lo que ha sido este 2014, un período repleto de lanzamientos de inmensa calidad. Aunque no era el más esperado, Treasure Tracker nos ha sorprendido con pura magia nintendera en un juego que no es longevo ni tampoco repleto de contenidos, pero sí muy entretenido, bien ejecutado y con todo el amor por el arte de hacer videojuegos que tiene la Gran N. Pon una seta en la vida de tu Wii U.
Laura GómezDec 23, 2014
Sus homenajes, que Toad y Toadette sean tan encantadores, la imaginación tras sus puzles. Captain Toad es todo lo que se le podría pedir a un juego de Nintendo: completo, imaginativo, bonito, divertidísimo y con dos protagonistas perfectos en sus papeles. El mejor regalo para Reyes.
Carlos LeivaDec 23, 2014
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker es un juego que desprende encanto, inteligencia y diversión por todas partes. Un título que, sin estar destinado a revolucionar el mundo de los videojuegos, se deja jugar con una facilidad pasmosa y que nos tendrá totalmente enganchados desde el principio hasta el final.
Cesar OteroDec 23, 2014
Tiene algunos elementos que pulir sin duda, puede hacerse corto y sencillo si uno no quiere profundizar en lo que ofrece, pero en cuanto a encanto, recompensar al usuario, hacer que se divierta por el placer de ello y entretenimiento es un gran modo de presentar una nueva IP que es algo más que matar todo lo que se mueva en pantalla o recorrer escenarios gigantescos para resolver misiones de climax constante. Y por encima de todo, ya era hora de darle a uno de los secundarios más veteranos de Nintendo una oportunidad de protagonismo y a un precio competitivo para los tiempos que vivimos.
Borja PavonDec 23, 2014
En su contra, una duración de todos modos algo escasa, una cámara que en ocasiones resulta molesta y un precio de lanzamiento que no parece acorde con lo que tiene por ofrecer. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker se disfruta mucho, y es una experiencia fresca que no tiene muchos iguales en el mercado, pero es un poco excesivo cobrar cuarenta euros por unos aproximadamente cien pequeños niveles, por muy bien diseñados que estén.
Jan WöbbekingJan 02, 2015
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker war für mich der ideale Titel für die Feiertage: Es gibt kaum etwas Entspannenderes, als mit Nintendos knuffigem Pilz auf Schatzsuche zu gehen und die würfelförmigen Levels in aller Ruhe um ihre Achse zu drehen, bis man auch die letzten Geheimtüren, Schalter oder Verstecke entdeckt hat. Mit rund vier Stunden ist das Puzzle-Abenteuer zwar recht kurz, im Gegenzug sprüht es aber vor Abwechlung. In den würfelförmigen Levels steckt unheimlich viel Liebe zum Detail.
Sebastian ThorJan 07, 2015
Treasure Tracker hat trotzdem dieses Gen, das nur in ihrer mechanischen Aufbereitung vollkommen durchdachte Spiele besitzen. Nintendo wusste genau, wie weit die Ideen die Knobelei ohne Einknicken tragen können, und bürdete ihnen nicht mehr auf. Jeder Abschnitt hat etwas Neues, Eigenes, und auch wenn viele in drei Minuten gelöst sind, spielte ich sie allesamt mit Freude.
Adil KanalJul 25, 2018
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker hat auf der Nintendo Switch sein ideales Zuhause gefunden. Die kurzen Levels eignen sich bestens für das “Play anywhere”-Prinzip der Hybridkonsole und inhaltlich ist das Spiel genauso prall gefüllt wie der Rucksack des Pilzkopfs. Die fehlenden Rätsel der WiiU-Version sind zwar ein kleiner Wermutstropfen und der “Koop”-Modus lässt zu wünschen übrig, aber im Angesicht des knuffigen kleinen, Toads kann man dem Spiel sowieso nicht böse sein.
Nicolas VerletJul 13, 2018
Traité avec sérieux et soin, à l'image d'une caméra jamais prise en défaut dans les couloirs les plus étroits, ce petit jeu de réflexion privilégie la qualité à la quantité, même si l'expérience a tendance à se boucler trop vite, malgré la volonté de proposer deux niveaux de lecture et des niveaux bonus bien construits. Un titre suffisamment gouleyant pour guetter une suite un peu plus riche, toujours aussi jolie et mignonne, mais avec un peu plus de calories pour tenir au corps.
Laurely BirbaJan 05, 2015
La grande simplicité de Captain Toad : Treasure Tracker permet de digérer tranquillement les huîtres et le foie gras dégustés pendant les fêtes de fin d'année, même en remplissant les objectifs annexes. Mignonnes comme tout mais d'une timidité encore palpable, les aventures de Toad et Toadette passent en revue tous les thèmes colorés de Super Mario 3D World avec une finition tout aussi impeccable, la durée de vie limitée faisant figure d'unique point sombre.
RomendilDec 01, 2014
Conçu comme un complément à Super Mario 3D World, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker n'affiche certes pas les mêmes ambitions mais n'en reste pas moins plaisant à découvrir. Sa durée de vie réduite et la relative simplicité de ses niveaux le destinent tout de même clairement aux enfants qui apprivoiseront de manière ludique le concept de perspective et de géométrie dans l'espace.
Vítor AlexandreDec 15, 2014
Um jogo exemplar que dá horas de prazer aos titulares de uma Wii U e que vai ficar entre os melhores da consola. Num tempo de produções apressadas, lançadas no mercado com falhas e updates gigantescos no primeiro dia, encontrar jogos com este grau de acabamento devia ser uma norma. Mais do que fazer por isso, a Nintendo continua a entregar jogos com qualidade.
Tiago MarafonaDec 15, 2014
As aventuras do pequeno Toad que conquistaram os jogadores em Super Mario 3D World ganharam vida e passaram para um patamar mais elevado. Dentro do género de plataformas e puzzle em simultâneo, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker reúne o mesmo espírito do que foi introduzido na primeira aparição.
Mattia RavanelliDec 16, 2014
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker è un ottimo puzzle game, con personalità da vendere, un level design di qualità assoluta e una veste grafica capace di far innamorare. Un piccolo grande gioco da vivere un morso dopo l’altro, senza l’assillo di volerlo finire in tempi record, ma godendoselo placidamente. Qualche rallentamento imprevisto e una mancanza d’inventiva nel supporto al gioco online o multiplayer lo ridimensionano solo parzialmente.
Filippo FacchettiDec 09, 2014
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker è un gioco piccolo, ma nonostante questo si tratta dell'ennesima esclusiva interessante della console Nintendo. A prescindere dal vostro eventuale amore per i puzzle game, questo è un gioco che dovreste acquistare, se non altro per staccare dalla frenesia dei soliti FPS.
Александр БашкировJul 11, 2018
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker была бы очень и очень достойной игрой, если бы заканчивалась титрами и кривовато приколоченной к экрану деревянной надписью The End. Но это только первый, самый легкий и короткий эпизод, тут же открывается второй, с новым сюжетом. Впереди ждут десятки головоломных приключений повышенной сложности. Когда вы наиграли на превзошедшее себя инди или средний корпоративный тайтл, и вдруг перед вами распахивается целый новый горизонт с ПО-НАСТОЯЩЕМУ трудными и креативными пазлами… это чувство тоже можно испытать только в first party-играх Nintendo.
Randolf BouwmaDec 01, 2014
Zo flikt Nintendo het met Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker weer een game af te leveren die door zijn diversiteit en strakke afwerking een genot is om te spelen. Hoewel bepaalde GamePad-gimmicks niet altijd goed uit de verf komen, houdt deze alternatieve kijk op het Mario-universum je alsmaar bezig. Ieder level is een cadeautje, van de eerste ster tot de allerlaatste... baas!
Tom BoshouwersDec 01, 2014
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is een puzzelgame die ontzettend leuk is om tussendoor te spelen. De levels zijn perfect te omschrijven met de leus: Kort maar krachtig. Binnen een paar minuten ben je klaar, maar ieder level zit vol met zoveel creativiteit dat het altijd genieten is. ...Toad en Toadette doen het erg goed in hun eerste game, die ook nog eens voor een budgetprijs in de winkels komt te liggen.