Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for Nintendo Wii U
Wii U

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Dec 5, 2014

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Developer: Nintendo EAD
Content Rating: Everyone


Captain Toad stars in his own puzzling quest through maze-like mini-universes—only on Wii U. Each stage is stacked with tricks and traps, so our stubby hero will have to use his wits to dodge dangers and track those treasures. Survive smoldering volcanoes, hazardous steam engines, haunted houses, and more—all in the name of treasure!

Critic Reviews

52 Reviews
Danny CowanDec 01, 2014
I'd initially judged Treasure Tracker as a pleasant but temporary distraction, but I continued playing even after I'd completed every level, and I'm still working on rounding up the collectibles I missed the first time around. Treasure Tracker may be small in stature, but it's packed with depth and detail. It's not unlike Toad himself, really. He's a little guy, but he'll surprise you. After all, he's the best.
Arthur GiesDec 01, 2014
But I couldn't stay annoyed for long, in part because of Captain Toad and Toadette's outrageous cuteness. Despite starting with an increasingly tired and trademarked Nintendo Damsel-in-Distress Setup — which, admittedly, the game plays with a bit — Captain Toad isn't about a story, really. ...And this is when Captain Toad is the most fun — when there's as little friction as possible between you and exploring and unlocking each level's secrets.
Steve WattsDec 01, 2014
Top to bottom, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a delightful little treat of a game. It shows a purity of puzzle design that few studios can match, and it wraps it all in a sugary-sweet presentation that only the most jaded could refuse. With a game this good, Captain Toad may just be Nintendo's next breakout star.

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