Canvaleon for Nintendo Wii U
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Jul 23, 2015
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Canvaleon is a platform and stealth game in which you will step into the shoes of Canvas, a friendly white chameleon, and help him using your abilities and the environment in order to overcome some really dangerous enemies and threats.

To do so, you will have to use camouflages to blend Canvas with the environment. If your camouflages are similar to the background colors your possibilities to overcome the enemies will increase. There are two ways to obtain those camouflages: you can buy them at Doodle's shop, or you can paint them using the painting tool. You will have to collect lots of butterflies from every stage to paint or buy those camouflages! Help Canvas get rid of the enemy threat and successfully overcome more than 30 stages from this great adventure full of dangers and emotions that will make you thrill for sure! Fun is guaranteed!

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Conor McMahonAug 05, 2015
We really wanted to love Canvaleon, but grinding for resources, one-hit deaths and some wonky design choices makes this an uneven experience. It's a fresh idea that needed a better execution, but could prove to be a hit with anyone who can look past its flaws.
Daan KoopmanAug 01, 2015
Canvaleon is a disappointing game. While it gives you some sense of freedom and good controls, the title's unforgiving nature makes this journey a very bitter one. You will constantly have to backtrack to previous levels to collect resources and these must be used to create perfect camouflages. You can't be off just a little bit or else you will have to start the entire process over. Add to that the one hit deaths and missing checkpoints, and you have a product that you will really struggle to complete.
Sandy WilsonNov 05, 2015
Honestly, Canvaleon a pretty good game, with some solid presentation and gameplay, but it's slightly let down by a lack of conveyance and a devilish difficulty.

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