Art Academy: Home Studio for Nintendo Wii U
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Art Academy: Home Studio

Jun 25, 2015
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Developer: Headstrong Games
Content Rating: Everyone


The Art Academy™: Home Studio software introduces new and more robust lessons that make it easy for anyone to learn the basics of drawing or go in depth with more advanced techniques. The stylus and touch-screen controls of the Wii U™ GamePad controller offer a lifelike feel, whether you're layering paint on stroke by stroke, blending pastels, or using the new charcoal medium. Let others see your creative process in motion by uploading time-lapse videos! Regardless of age or experience level, everyone can learn to create works of art and share them with others.

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Conor McMahonJun 08, 2015
Playing Art Academy: Atelier is a relaxing, rewarding, and immersive experience that truly makes you feel like part of a grand tradition. The lessons are enjoyable and educational, the GamePad functions beautifully as a larger canvas, and the huge array of options will let practically anyone carry out their vision.
Dean JamesJul 08, 2015
The lessons included are full of detail and do an excellent job at teaching players at just the right pace, while implementing an abundance of tools and techniques throughout that can be transitioned to the spectacular Landscape Compositions. Even with drawbacks, like a near useless undo button, Art Academy: Home Studio is still no doubt the Mona Lisa of the franchise, by providing the most complete experience on the biggest canvas yet.
Daan KoopmanJun 10, 2015
Art Academy: Atelier is a great entry in the franchise. With 30 new lessons and some pretty powerful tools, painters of all skill levels will have a good time. While the sharing functions really could have been expanded, the social features really make up for it and allow you to share the fun with the world. Add to that some great visuals and music, you have the best way to relax and unwind on the Wii U.

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