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007 Legends

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Jon WahlgrenDec 17, 2012
Die-hard Bond fans will feel underwhelmed — if not peeved — by the treatment of these films, and the lowest-common-denominator approach to gameplay is downright bland. Considering Eurocom's experience with the franchise we would have expected better from the studio, and it is with some sadness that the spy who loved them proved to be their undoing.
Tristan OgilvieJan 14, 2013
At a time when early reports suggest the celluloid Bond is reaching a new high with Skyfall, it's a shame that his video game counterpart has reached his digital downfall. If you're really dying for a Call of Duty-style shooter experience, then sit tight as Black Ops II has likely got more money than God behind it and it's only a month away.
Justin McElroyOct 25, 2012
Maybe starting from square one with Bond as a character and building a new game around what makes him tick is asking too much. Maybe Activision isn't willing to make the investment a Casino Royale would require. But even a hint of care, a few fleeting moments of inspiration or a base level of craftsmanship would be an improvement on this cynical, dismal little game.
Thomas EastJan 26, 2013
A sporadic, fragmented mess of Bond history spliced with brainless shooting that feels like a rushed Call Of Duty copycat.
rédactionMar 07, 2013
Plutôt que de poursuivre, autant laisser le mot de la fin au producteur du titre qui déclarait il y a peu : 007 Legends va vous ramener en 1997. Tu ne croyais pas si bien dire mon pote.