Valkyria Revolution for PS Vita
PS Vita

Valkyria Revolution

Jun 27, 2017
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Game Info


About this game

Developer: Media.Vision
Content Rating: Teen


In the wake of a revolution, Jutland's elite soldiers, the Vanargand, must band together to defeat the Ruzi Empire and stop death itself—the Valkyria. With an engaging story full of political intrigue, a battle system that mixes real-time combat and tactical strategy, a gorgeous visual style, and more, Valkyria Revolution will immerse players into the frontlines of a desperate war.

Critic Reviews

4 Reviews
Leif JohnsonJun 26, 2017
Valkyria Revolution tells a decent tale of war, but the strength of that story is dulled by overlong, boring, and poorly animated cutscenes. It sacrifices the unique historical setting and art style of the Valkyria Chronicles series proper in favor of generic JRPG elements that fail to leave a strong impression, and its hack-and-slash combat offers little in the way of strategy and ruins its own flow with an poorly matched magic system.
Ingar Takanobu HaugeJun 28, 2017
There's no denying it; Valkyria Revolution is a disappointment. The game comes across as an independent title meant to usher in the next generation of Valkyria games, but the reality is that this game takes the whole series several steps back. If you're looking for an easier Dynasty Warriors-like game or find the game's aesthetics appealing, you might find some value here.
Christian ColliJun 27, 2017
Valkyria Revolution è un esperimento poco riuscito che fa leva sulle atmosfere e sulle caratteristiche di Valkyria Chronicles per proporre un mix di generi di cui non sentivamo francamente il bisogno. Qua e là c'è anche qualcosa di buono, comunque: la storia sa essere interessante a tratti e c'è qualcosa di stranamente liberatorio in questi combattimenti che non richiedono particolari strategie, ma col passare delle ore ci si rende conto di vivere un'esperienza vuota e priva di mordente che, oltretutto, non gratifica nemmeno la vista. Valkyria Chronicles, sinceramente, era tutta un'altra cosa.


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