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The Swindle

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Brad GruetzmacherJul 28, 2015
The Swindle is a frantic and frustrating heist game in all the right ways. It's a challenging crime caper that will test every one of your skills as you try to avoid detection and make off with the most loot possible. Your own greed may turn out to be your biggest adversary in the end as wanting too much could result in you getting nothing at all. The quest for the ultimate swindle is a long and challenging one, but it's ultimately an extremely rewarding one as well.
Tyler TreeseAug 03, 2015
The Swindle is a game that many will end up playing for months to come. The gameplay is the perfect combination of stealth and action, and its difficulty, while brutal, is satisfying. Size Five Games, and publisher Curve Digital, have created an addictive game that needs to be played by anyone who loves a good challenge.
Mark BrownJul 28, 2015
This Vita version is, largely, well done. It translates the entire game from PS4 to handheld and looks gorgeous. But with long loading times and an inconsistent frame rate, it's hard to call this the very best version of the game. But what a game it is. A complicated swirl of heists and capers which will leave you with sweaty palms, a dry mouth, and a bunch of brilliant stories. The Swindle is a charming caper simulator, with clever risk vs reward systems that push you into brilliant situations and stories.
Sam BishopOct 11, 2018
After all, it's got a healthy mix of simple controls within a challenging concept, it offers a fine balance between saving and spending your money, and there's a lot of variety in terms of what you can unlock. Considering it's procedurally-generated nature and roguelite loop there's also a lot of replayability, so Size Five Games isn't swindling you with this game in the slightest.
Olga CidSep 13, 2015
The Swindle es una propuesta irregular, mediocre en la superficie y tremendamente adictivo si llegas a conectar con su fórmula. Precisa de voluntad y paciencia, pero recompensa el buen hacer y la experiencia real del jugador, no la que un numerito marque en pantalla. Exigente, amplio en las posibilidades que ofrece y desafiante, pero no imposible.
Juan GarciaAug 26, 2015
The Swindle es ese juego que lleva a su máxima expresión aquello de que la avaricia rompe el saco, obligándonos a asaltar mil y una localizaciones generadas aleatoriamente y con solo 100 días (vidas) para conseguir nuestros objetivos. Todo ello salpicado de un constante crecimiento del personaje y de la dificultad, conformando una apuesta arriesgada, que solo falla a la hora de ofrecer algo más de variedad en los niveles y una mayor precisión con el mando en las manos.