The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II for PS Vita
PS Vita

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

Sep 6, 2016
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Content Rating: Teen


Despite the best efforts of military student Rean Schwarzer and his friends, forces much greater than they have swept the land of Erebonia into a full-blown civil war. After a terrible struggle, Rean awakens in the mountains near his hometown, uncertain what fate befell his classmates and comrades.

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Brandon LangrockSep 15, 2016
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is exactly how a sequel should be: it respects its prequel’s strengths, brings them to new heights, and also strives to remediate its flaws. To some respect, the original game’s issues are still evident; frame rate and minor pacing issues, however, are insignificant when superb writing and an even stronger battle system show Trails of Cold Steel II at its best.
Ethan ZeiglerOct 04, 2016
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II not only improves upon the formula introduced in Trails of Cold Steel, but also pairs with the first game and others in the Trails series to create an epic overarching story unlike anything seen before in video games. If you like your RPGs lengthy and impeccably detailed, Trails of Cold Steel II is right up your alley.
Jowi MeliSep 06, 2016
The exciting, fun turn-based combat, too, is an absolute treat to revisit, even if I’d have liked to see more meaningful changes and improvements made to its systems. If you didn’t play the original game and are interested in diving into Trails of Cold Steel II right away, I implore you to go back and play its predecessor first; not only do I find that a superior game, but I can already imagine the bewilderment of the poor soul who attempts to go into this one’s insanely detailed lore without a hint of background information. On the other hand, for those folks who did play and enjoy, know that this second entry is just more of the same great thing, and that was good enough for me to have a really fun time.

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