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Adam BeckNov 10, 2014
Tales of Hearts R is a straightforward RPG with a heart of gold. It has a fascinating plot that’s unfortunately populated with a less than compelling cast and spotty character development. ...Progression is done well as grinding is almost never needed, while the battle system offers a fair amount of variety depending how characters are developed. While flawed in some places, Tales of Hearts R is still a meaty package that should please dedicated fans.
Kyle MacGregorNov 11, 2014
The localization may be an issue for some, as Bandai Namco opted to forego an English dub and just subtitle the game with the original Japanese voice work. While I personally didn't find it to be a point of contention, having the option to choose is always preferable. Tales of Hearts R isn't going to shatter anyone's perceptions of the genre. But it isn't trying to do that either. It's a solid, traditional experience that should satisfy fans of classic JRPGs.
Jae LeeNov 12, 2014
While the overall production values of Hearts R is rather good, there were some rather clunky animations during in-game story cut scenes. Also, many of the FMVs ran at a standard aspect ratio instead of the native widescreen of the Vita, which felt rather jarring considering they kept switching back and forth between the two.
Kevin SchallerNov 10, 2014
Aside from some outdated appearance issues, JRPG cliches, and forgettable music, there isn’t anything terribly wrong with this game. The characters are charming, exploring is satisfying, the action is fast and engaging… this may not be the title that gets the Vita flying off of store shelves, but Tales of Hearts R is definitely worth adding to a pre-existing library. I may be one of the few still really happy with my PSP’s titles, but I’m growing quite fond of my PSP’s bigger little brother now.
Becky CunninghamNov 13, 2014
On one hand, Tales of Hearts R is a paint-by-numbers game that does little to stray outside of the usual series boundaries. On the other hand, the strong character dialogue, dungeon puzzles, and Chase Link combat system inject a lot of energy and entertainment into the title. It's not a video gaming masterpiece, but its fun to play. As long as you're tolerant of the lack of English dub and don't mind the anime style and plot, it's an RPG that's very much worth picking up.
Cameron TeagueNov 10, 2014
The story and characters do just enough to keep you intrigued and moving forward, with the combat swooping in to patch up any possible holes with it’s fast paced fun. Kor Meteor is not the greatest lead that the series has seen and kills a lot of scenes that need a strong lead character. The combat is also far too easy, even on the hardest difficulty setting and graphically the game is fairly uninspiring. However, when the dust has settled, this is an RPG that will keep you entertained north of 20 hours and one that Vita owners will want to have in their collection.
Nathan MichalikNov 15, 2014
Tales of Hearts R starts strong, and only gets better as it progresses. The cast may not be the best in the series, and the random encounters do feel a bit dated, but this is an overall top-notch production, which we’re thrilled has found its way overseas at last. If your Vita’s barely murmured over the past few weeks, then this is the blood that’ll bring your system back to life – and it’s a release that no self-respecting JRPG fan should bypass.
Adam VitaleNov 11, 2014
All in all, Tales of Hearts R is a serviceable RPG on the PlayStation Vita, but that’s about all it is. Generic but not broken, many aspects of the game fall short and nothing stands out. Perhaps this can be justified due its portable nature, but the experience remains unremarkable nonetheless.
Kyle WakelingJan 16, 2015
Tales of Hearts R is game that rarely steps outside its tropes, however does what it's trying to do with a certain amount of success. While you won't find many unique ideas or a shiny polish here, you will find a competent roleplaying title that offers mild fun and challenge; whether that's enough to justify a purchase/play-through is up to you.
Paul SullivanNov 22, 2014
While Tales of Hearts R succeeds in providing interesting gameplay, it fails to offer a compelling storyline. The battle and upgrade mechanics are sound, but the juvenile dialogue might turn some people off trying it. It doesn’t break new ground or advance the genre in any significant way, but fans of anime or JRPGs looking for a new romp could certainly do worse.
Kimberley WallaceNov 10, 2014
Tales of Hearts R is an adequate RPG, but it doesn’t do much to make itself memorable. The characters and story are throwaway, and the dungeons feel like busywork, and yet it’s still fun due to the solid gameplay and exploration. Many times I found myself talking to everyone in town just to unlock a new side quest, completing extra battle challenges, and going out of my way to find every treasure.
Anthony DeCiccoNov 13, 2014
Tales Of Hearts R is an attempt to localize a game that fans of the series have been clamoring for. However, the lack of an English voice track does sour the experience a little. If you are able to look past this you will find yourself enjoying a deep RPG that is full of adventure and exploration. Despite a few issues, Tales of Hearts R wholeheartedly lives up to the pedigree of the Tales franchise, while remaining playable in a convenient portable experience.
Ramón MéndezNov 25, 2014
Tales of Hearts R is a lengthy game, and it is also enjoyable, has plenty of dynamic moments, is full of surprises and, most importantly, leaves us with a smile on our face in the wake of its conclusion. It may not be innovative, and it may feel older than some of the more recent games in the series, but somehow it manages to work and stay relevant in 2014. What this game sets out to do, it does well.
Timothy NunesNov 10, 2014
Fans of old-school quality RPGs will be right at home while newcomers will be greeted with a streamlined yet complex tool set that will yield success throughout. Graphic fidelity and dubbing will be the only hurdles to a title that digs deep into the human condition and comes out with a sense of unity and inspiration.
Sergio MartínNov 10, 2014
Un nuevo juego de orientación JRPG que llega a PS Vita y que ostenta una calidad notable. Su desarrollo se muestra sólido y está repleto de tareas que llevar a cabo, principales y secundarias, pudiendo ir conformando un plantel de protagonistas muy llamativo. La trama no es la más trabajada jamás escrita y los combates aleatorios pueden incomodar a ciertos usuarios, pero por lo demás se trata de otro gran representante del rol para PS Vita.
Roberto J. R. AndersonNov 11, 2014
En definitiva, es un juego muy ameno, accesible y de calidad que supone una garantía para los amantes del rol. Si os gusta el género, no vais a equivocaros con este título, que ofrece pura diversión sin importar que seáis conocedores de la saga o que este sea vuestro primer Tales. Además, su aventura puede duraros alrededor de 50 horas, sin contar con sus misiones opcionales.
William van Dijk MartínNov 10, 2014
Es un Tales de estilo más bien tradicional, entretenido y fresco pese a no ofrecer nada realmente nuevo. Tales of Hearts R es un JRPG que ofrece exactamente lo que promete durante las primeras horas de juego: diversión, muchas horas de juego e infinidad de combates para disfrutar de una aventura que no deberíamos dejar pasar de largo en nuestra videoteca. En fin, justamente lo que PSVita andaba necesitando. ¿Para cuándo Tales of Innocence R?
Ramón VarelaNov 10, 2014
Tales of Hearts R es un capítulo muy destacable dentro de la serie, y uno de los lanzamientos fuertes de PS Vita para la campaña de fin de año. Por la parte audiovisual, que es la que más dudas podría ofrecer, cumple de sobra: estupendos actores –japoneses- en las voces, notable música y gráficos la mayoría del tiempo en el nivel exigible para esta portátil.
Jens BischoffNov 19, 2014
Tales of Hearts R bietet auch auf Sonys Handheld serientypische Rollenspielunterhaltung mit märchenhafter Handlung, spritzigen Echtzeitkämpfen und motivierender Charakterpflege, während die ungewohnt vielen Anime-Sequenzen und vertonten Dialoge inklusive vorbildlich eingedeutschter Untertitel positiv überraschen. ...Unterm Strich macht das PS-Vita-Remake aber immer noch eine gute Figur und Lust auf mehr.
Florian VelterDec 15, 2014
Tales of Hearts R est une régression claire vis-à-vis de ce qu'avait réussi à mettre en place les deux épisodes de Xillia (avec tout ce qu'ils avaient de perfectible). Visuellement indigne de la PS Vita, ce remake n'est certainement pas à la hauteur de son modèle et réussit même à le faire passer pour un jeu relativement ennuyeux.
Rroyd-yNov 18, 2014
A trop vouloir économiser du temps et de l’argent de développement comme de localisation, Tales of Hearts R n’a réussi qu’une seule chose : élever la fainéantise au rang d’art. Et ce n’est en aucun cas parce que le jeu fait figure de pépite rare sur le catalogue de la PlayStation Vita qu’il faut fermer les yeux sur autant d’indéniables défauts. Gourmets de jeux de rôle japonais, passez votre chemin en courant, donc.
Filippo FacchettiNov 13, 2014
L'avventura principale, infatti, può essere portata a termine in una quindicina d'ore, intrattenendo in modo ottimale soprattutto grazie al sistema di combattimento e ai difficili scontri con i boss. Namco Bandai ha fatto un ottimo lavoro per rendere attuale un titolo originariamente uscito su Nintendo DS, avvicinandolo alle ultime uscite della saga.
Enrico ForlaniniNov 13, 2014
Tales of Hearts R sa mescolare sapientemente novità ludiche e narrative con elementi che strizzano l’occhio alla tradizione della serie e ai JRPG delle passate generazioni. Pur presentando un comparto grafico di scarso impatto, la densità di contenuti unita alle sue altre qualità ne fanno uno dei migliori JRPG localizzati su PSVita, nonché un titolo consigliabile a tutti gli amanti della saga di Cless, Lloyd e Milla.
Kevin SutantoDec 19, 2014
Tales of Hearts R merupakan sebuah RPG klasik yang kaya dengan sistem pertempuran yang seru dan juga tampilan visual yang cerah. Walaupun saya punya sedikit masalah dengan hasil lokalisasi game ini, Tales of Hearts R memiliki sejumlah dialog-dialog yang kocak yang saya rasa bisa membuat kamu senyum-senyum sendiri. Jika kamu mencari sebuah RPG asal Jepang yang seru, ringan, dan menyenangkan untuk dimainkan menggunakan PS Vita milikmu, jangan ragu untuk memainkan Tales of Hearts R.
Sebastiaan QuekelNov 05, 2014
Tales of Hearts R is met zijn kleurrijke stijl, snelle actie en fantasievolle wereld een Tales of-game pur sang, maar het is lang niet het beste deel in de serie. In feite blijft het een opgepoetste versie van een game die zes jaar geleden op de markt verscheen. Desondanks blijft de kwaliteit ook op de Vita gewaarborgd, met dynamische en actievolle gevechten en een overtuigende visuele presentatie.
Randolf BouwmaNov 14, 2014
Tales of Hearts R wordt zo mondjesmaat telkens iets aantrekkelijker. De game kabbelt urenlang voort en toont zijn ware gelaat wel erg laat. Al die tijd valt echter nooit te ontkennen dat je een remake speelt die met veel liefde tot stand is gebracht. Van een haastklus is geen sprake en op de PlayStation Vita komt de titel goed tot zijn recht. Bijt je door de zure appel heen, dan vind je een titel die je honger naar een uiterst traditionele JRPG kan stillen.