Tales of Hearts R for PS Vita
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Tales of Hearts R

Nov 11, 2014
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Developer: 7th Chord
Content Rating: Teen


Tales of Hearts R follows Kor Meteor, a young man living in a small village by the sea and training in the ways of the sword. His grandfather bequeaths to him an unusual weapon known as a Soma, which can harness the power of a person’s Spiria—the embodiment of their heart and soul. Kor, now an eager new Somatic-in-training, meets a beautiful young woman named Kohaku and her brother Hisui. Their travels are abruptly cut short when a mysterious witch appears and casts a spell on Kohaku, which sets the trio off on an unexpected journey.

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Nov 22, 2019
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Adam BeckNov 10, 2014
Tales of Hearts R is a straightforward RPG with a heart of gold. It has a fascinating plot that’s unfortunately populated with a less than compelling cast and spotty character development. ...Progression is done well as grinding is almost never needed, while the battle system offers a fair amount of variety depending how characters are developed. While flawed in some places, Tales of Hearts R is still a meaty package that should please dedicated fans.
Becky CunninghamNov 13, 2014
On one hand, Tales of Hearts R is a paint-by-numbers game that does little to stray outside of the usual series boundaries. On the other hand, the strong character dialogue, dungeon puzzles, and Chase Link combat system inject a lot of energy and entertainment into the title. It's not a video gaming masterpiece, but its fun to play. As long as you're tolerant of the lack of English dub and don't mind the anime style and plot, it's an RPG that's very much worth picking up.
Nathan MichalikNov 15, 2014
Tales of Hearts R starts strong, and only gets better as it progresses. The cast may not be the best in the series, and the random encounters do feel a bit dated, but this is an overall top-notch production, which we’re thrilled has found its way overseas at last. If your Vita’s barely murmured over the past few weeks, then this is the blood that’ll bring your system back to life – and it’s a release that no self-respecting JRPG fan should bypass.

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