Table Top Tanks for PS Vita
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Table Top Tanks

May 22, 2012
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Developer: Devil's Details
Content Rating: Everyone


Utilizing the PlayStation Vita's camera technology for Augmented Reality gameplay, Pocket War lets you battle it out on your countertop or desk, using your own personal environment to bounce tank bullets off of coffee cups and other common objects in order to demolish your opponents!

Play with and against AI tanks and also battle against up to three friends over an Ad Hoc wireless connection. Share your newly created battlefield with your friends and duke it out from different angles.

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Kyle PrahlJul 18, 2012
The scattered building blocks of something truly special are here in developer Devil's Details' first PS Vita title, but limited replay value and poor presentation belie the game's tech demo nature. Table Top Tanks struggles to emerge from its compelling technology as a compelling game, but for only two dollars, it really doesn't have to. You'll get a few hours of solo fun, and your Vita-less friends will get a glimpse at what makes your new handheld so special.
Jim HargreavesJun 21, 2012
Table Top Tanks really isn’t the killer app for AR gaming, but to say it’s a disappointment would be unfair. Despite being simplistic in most respects and offering little replay incentive, it also happens to be one of the cheapest games available on the Playstation Store at a surprising £1.59. What’s more, it even features a small collection of trophies which is quite bizarre really.
Mike RoseJun 15, 2012
When you're playing, there are so many objects on-screen that you completely forget that you're using the camera. It also means that you can't play the game on the move, in the dark, or anywhere else where you can't simply sit still and point a metre in front of you. So, ironically, for the most part Table Top Tanks would be better without the AR thrown in. The result is an accessible but utterly shallow game that's probably just about with the miniscule asking price.

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