StarDrone Extreme for PS Vita
PS Vita

StarDrone Extreme

Apr 17, 2012

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Developer: Beatshapers
Content Rating: Everyone


StarDrone is a perfect blend of high-speed physics and pinball action, with strategic elements of break-out and object collection. But this is no walk amongst the stars, as the Drone is always in motion in the zero gravity environment, and the more stellar matter collected, the faster it travels until it is careening across the screen at light speed. Gather enough momentum and enter into Comet Rush where the Drone is impervious to all enemies and obstacles.

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Edge StaffApr 25, 2012
It purports to be a cross between pinball and puzzle game, but lacks the bells and whistles or tactile joy of the former, while the conundrums are nothing more than busywork. On the larger courses it feels aimless as you float between beacons, while others are so tightly packed with hazards and enemies that you’ll soon be grateful for that level skip. It does at least mirror pinball's caprice, though only in its inconsistent physics which see you bounce off walls and ice blocks at random angles.
Colin MoriartyApr 23, 2012
StarDrone Extreme can be finicky at times – there’s no doubt a learning curve here you’ll have to survive – but with more games like StarDrone Extreme on the PSN made specifically for PlayStation Vita, much-needed balance can be found between awesome, meaty retail games and bite-sized titles that will allow Sony to compete with the likes of Apple’s iOS. StarDrone Extreme may not assail your senses or do anything entirely new and exciting, but hell if it isn’t fun for what it is.
Anthony SeverinoApr 19, 2012
It doesn’t take much advantage of the Vita’s screen; colors are dull, and nothing really pops. Same goes for the sound; it’s bland, effects are screechy, and the music sounds like it was created by an aspiring electronica musician’s younger sibling who just started in an attempt to be more like their big bro.

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